PR Samples/Gifts:  

I am fortunate enough to receive PR samples and gifts from brands. :) However, I don't just blog about anything willy nilly! I only like to feature products that I really love and believe in! So if something is not up my street, I will just politely decline. I also will always be honest in my reviews. I wouldn't want to promote rubbish to my readers. 

Most things I blog about are bought with my own money, but if anything has been sent to me that I have chosen to feature on the blog, I will either make sure it is clear that it has been sent to me, and/or  mark it a '*' sign. 

Sponsored Content:

Occasionally I will write a sponsored post on my blog. Again, I will make sure this is clear to the reader and all opinions will be my own and completely honest.


All photos, branding and content are created by myself unless otherwise stated. 

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