Tuesday, 2 December 2014

NY Diary Blog: Light Up Night

Friday morning was event day! Our first event was hosting the Macy’s Holiday Window Unveiling in Pittsburgh. Getting up on stage and speaking in front of an audience of thousands - not daunting in the slightest! Although I am naturally a very loud (oftentimes too loud) confident person, I still get nervous speaking in public. It is not my most favourite of activities! However, I do believe that practice makes perfect and after doing a few of these kind of gigs I’m hoping my nerves will lessen - at Summer In The City I was soon terrified to get up on a panel and talk about deeeeeep stuff. But I did it, and the feeling after you’ve done something scary is so awesome and rewarding!!

To begin the morning, my nerves weren’t so bad, probably because I was so damn tired from staying up late the night before. I just sort of thought, well, the event is going to happen, I’m going to do it so might as well not feel nervous. This getting-on-with-things-despite-being-utterly-overwhelmed is a mode I like to refer to as: Business Mode.

So Business Mode kicked in and we got up and bathed and washed our hair and got dressed. We didn’t bother putting make up on as we had a makeup artist doing our makeup later. At our last meet and greet in New Jersey our makeup was done by Smashbox cosmetics, who I was really impressed by! Famous for their primers, I am deff going to be doing some serious shopping for Smashbox when payday rolls my way. This time we were going to be made up by Lancome, and I luuurrrvvvee their products so I was excited!!

We made our way down to the hotel lobby to meet Lindsay and Donnie who were going to take us to Pittsburgh Macy’s to continue with Business Mode type activities. We bought coffees from the Starbucks in the hotel (which I will from now on refer to as ‘bucks’ as we go in there soon many times this trip and I CANNOT by typing that whole shit out that many times)

We stepped out of the hotel and Rose says “So where’s Macy’s?” and then we literally all just looked left and it was RIGHT THERE. And Rose and I started making loads of jokes about how it was too far to walk and we needed a car to take us there. Lindsay mentions a celebrity that did an event there and actually did have a car to take her from the same hotel to Macy’s. Guys, I’m not kidding you, all we did was cross a road and we were there.

Which was just as well because it was offing FREEZING and did I mention it was SNOWING?! Not great big round snow like you get when school is cancelled and you spend the entire day sledging, but small, dainty flakes of snow drifting slowly down in the mild but ear cutting wind and landing on the pavement. Guys, did I mention underneath my clothes I was wearing thermals? THERMALS. I probably looked twenty times bigger than I actually am the entire trip because I constantly wore so many layers, but it was worth it. What can I say, I feel the cold!

We got into Macy’s and we went into the cafe there to get breakfast. Rose had a plain bagel with butter, I had a croissant. The lady who served us was like “Omg! I know you from Youtube! Rose and Rosie!” so we had a long chat with her. We were asking if she was coming to the event but she had another job to work later that day, but she came around from the counter and had a photo with us and wished us luck, so that was lovely!

Then we took the elevator (damn Americans got me saying ‘elevator’ instead of ‘lift’ and now it’s stuck like that in my brain for life) up to the floor that was for Macy’s staff only, not for customers and we sat and chatted to the team whilst eating our breakfast and going over our lines. We met all the women working on different areas, like Lindsay was working with us, Donnie with Before You Exit and I think Brittany, another event organiser there was working with Jamie Lynn Spears, who had just rocked up to stay in the hotel with us. They were all chatting about what needed to be done within the store and talking about their gameplay. It’s times like these, and whenever I do events really, that I am soon glad I’m not a solo Youtuber. I could never sit there on my own and do all this stuff! I’m so grateful to have Rose by my side, making me laugh and calming me down.

We opened up a gift from a lovely chap named Tim who has been a fan for a while now who has sent us some awesome gifts before. Tim had been planning on seeing us at Pittsburgh but unfortunately could not make the event in the end, so sent us a package. It was so wonderful opening it on the day because he has written a really, really heartwarming letter, sending us a lot of love and kind wishes. He’d hand made Rose and I stockings to hang above the fireplace in our new house, as we had mentioned we would like to go in our Cribs video. He also made a stocking for Flynn, and one for our future puppy Wilma, and filled them with little treats for the animals, which was so so thoughtful. As I had been in the store talking about the event my nerves had kicked in a little and when I read his letter I felt really happy and grateful and relieved. Rose and I took a photo of his address on the box so we could write back to him and say thank you. (Side note, we obviously kept the gifts but threw away the box as when we are abroad, we have to squish everything into our suitcases!)

So then when were fed and watered we go down to the floor the event will be on to pull our outfits and the looks for the models. Lindsay had already got a rail filled with clothes she thought we’d like and we wandered around the store picking up bits and bobs we liked, pointing out what we thought was cute and what would go with what. A fan had already arrived, who we knew already through her being such a brilliant and loyal fan, forever tweeting us and commenting on my blog, sending us nice messages. She had come early so despite the event not starting yet, we went over and had a chat to her, which was really lovely, and again, nerve calming. It is SUCH an amazing gift to have so many people all over the world rooting for your relationship and supporting you! It makes me feel so elated meeting you all and thankful. Anyway, we had a lovely chat with her, asking her what she did and about her family and it is SO interesting to meet so many different people from different countries and walks of life and ages and finding out what they do, some people have the most craziest of jobs! After having a good old gossip we had to leave to continue to sort out the outfits.

Lindsay came with us while we tried them on in a private dressing room as we ummmmmed and aahhhhhhed at what to wear for the event that night. Even though we would be wrapped up tight to save from freezing, our outfit underneath would be what we would wear at the Meet and Greet later that night. We still wanted to be warm and snuggly though! So we both opted for jumpers and trousers. I was still wearing my thermal vest too!

After that we had to pick out coats to wear. Rose chose a navy Tommy Hilfiger and I chose a black fur lined Calvin Klein. Then we had to get shoes! We both wanted boots in the snowy weather. We had to try and remember our American shoe sizes from the last event. In England I’m a size 5, in America I think a size 8. I chose a pair of knee high Michael Kors. Gorgeous! The night before, when we arrived at the hotel, Lindsay had sent us a bag with bracelets and hats from Macy’s, so we were also wearing them. The hat came in hand a LOT during the snowy time we spent in the US!

After sorting out all the outfits  for the evening Lindsay showed us to our dressing room, which was great because we were starving! And also because Lindsay kept being pulled around to answer questions and work with the rest of the team to set up the store and outside ready for the event. Signs and stickers had to be put up on each floor where each Meet and Greet would be (Santa, Jamie Lynn Spears, Before You Exit) and back drops for the photographs to be taken. The DJ had to set up, places for the models to stand, a line for people to queue. Security had to be told what to do, everyone was buzzing everyone on walkie talkies and people had started lining up ready for the event. 

We sat in our dressing room, munching on food, rehearsing our lines off by heart and waiting for makeup artist to come. We got changed into our final outfits. Lindsay came in to hear us practise our lines and while she was there a few other team members ended up coming in, checking everything was ok. Rose and I watched them going through checklists, making sure every single little detail was ready and set up. I couldn’t decide what was more stressful - getting on stage and  attempting to deliver lines perfectly or organising events!!

The makeup artist arrived and did our faces. I really really loved the long lasting Lance lipstick she used and she gave it to me to keep. She also used a beautiful powder to finish my face which gave my skin a really healthy beautiful glow.  It was $50 to buy but I had already decided to get the glow naturally! Rose and I had agreed that while we are in America we should try and enjoy ourselves, and not worry about dieting or being healthy - but eat whatever we wanted and indulge! I wholeheartedly agreed, it’s a break from home we should try new things! But only under the condition that I go on a detox when I get home! I shouldn’t eat cheese and dairy, it disagrees with me and drinking isn’t very good for you either, so I promised myself I would go on a cleanse when I got home to clear out my system - also I have a wedding dress I would like to look great in!! Who doesn’t want their wedding day to be perfect?! So I figured when I detox I will try and make my skin naturally glow!

Once our makeup was done it was time to go outside to prepare to go on stage! Lindsay and security took us to the toilet for a final wee break before we headed outside!

The cold hit me like walking into a brick wall. I had barely been able to stand the bitterness walking from the hotel to Macy’s but now it was later and the sky was black the wind had picked up. Lindsay and security escorted us over to a huge white tent next to the stage, where we would stay and keep warm in between hosting. It was full of people and a huge heater (but honestly, the heater and the people didn’t help much - I still couldn’t feel my feet!) and bottles of water mints, seats etc.

We met all the talent - Before You Exit were lovely, the lead singer Riley extending his hand for me to shake, all very smiley and cheeky boys. We met Joe the vice president of Macy’s Pittsburgh. Lindsay had told us previously that he was a fan of our videos! Rose and I were rehearsing bringing him on to the stage and he interjected and made some jokes, and were telling each other we were going to do well and wishing each other luck.  We chatted to Cam Hayward, the Steelers defensive, who was so so nice and charming. We chatted to the ‘voice of God’ who would introduce US to the stage. It was so fun and we were instantly picking up everyone else’s excitement and buzz. Being ‘backstage’ waiting to go on in front of the audience really reminded me of being back in Sixth Form and being in the school play. It was the same vibe, hanging out with everyone, the huge sense of team work and ‘break a leg’, hearing the crowd cheer. It was awesome. 

After one performance by Fire and Flow, it was our turn to go up on stage and open the show officially, and bring on the other guests! We went on, and delivered our lines and right in the very front row were boobies. Some of our fans, cheering us on, saying ‘yeahhhhh’ and ‘we love yoouuuu’! I started talking first and I could hear an American lady in the front row say loudly ‘Gosh, I love your accents!’ All these people made us feel really awesome. When you are speaking in public it really is nice to have people egging you on! Whilst Rose was speaking her next line I looked across at the crowd. Because of the stage lights I couldn’t really see faces, only just the people in the front few rows, but I could see that the crowd was not only right in front of us, but also down the street and around the corner. I later found out that it was the biggest crowd Macy’s has had so far, and they usually pull in a crowd of thousands! Remembering those tips learned from school, I made sure I was loud, pronounced my words correctly and never looked down.

Once we’d been up once the other times were a breeze. Just before we went on another time, Jamie Lynn Spears came off stage and said “Hi girls! I’m Jamie Lynn! Nice to meet y’all” in her amazing Southern accent. She shook our hands and was very nice and friendly but we didn’t have long to chat because we had to get back onstage!

Santa Claus counted down to unveil the windows and the Rose and I thanked the crowd for coming. As the crowd started heading indoors ready for the Meet and Greets we stayed on stage with the rest of the cast, having professional photos taken and chatting with everyone. Rose and I were on a real high from the excitement of the event and everything running smoothly, and everyone around us just being so happy and awesome.

We went back inside and had another quick loo break before popping into our dressing room to freshen up. Even though it hadn’t been long since we’d eaten we were STARVING, maybe from the cold, so tried to stuff a few things in our mouths before heading out to the Meet and Greet.

Wow, the line! The line was huge as people had queued up and missed the outdoor show so as not to lose their spot. We got on the microphones and said hi to everyone and then let the DJ start up the music. I love when a Meet and Greet starts and people come RUNNING up to us. We gave everyone massive hugs and took loads of photos. Whenever we do a M&G I always ask people the same things, because I love to know: how long have you been watching the videos? where are you from? how did you discover the videos? do you have a gf? And I LOVE hearing what everyone says. When girls come up two at a time I always want to know if they are together or friends or what’s the situ. People say “Oh we’ve been together five years!” or “Oh we’re married” and some people are like “We’ve been dating for a week!” It’s sooooo cool to see all the different relationships and friendships too, and people supporting each other. I love when siblings come along, it must be so amazing to have a brother or sister who is just cool with your sexuality and will come along to an event full of lesbians! We had straight people there too, a boy and a girl who were not together (but the boy told us he wanted it to happen!) I loved asking couples whether they had told each other what gifts to buy for Xmas or whether they were not telling each other what to get and had to try and get it right!

I also love looking at what people are wearing! I love asking people where they get their cool stuff from! I noticed a girl Mary, who had also gone to the New Jersey M&G and won a competition to be on my blog! It’s lovely seeing faces of people you’ve met before, and Mary was looking GREAT so I made sure to tell her! I really get so bouncy and excited meeting everyone it was such a blast!

It took a couple of hours to meet everyone but at the time it doesn’t feel like that because you are just chatting away! But after the last few people had had their photos taken and had said goodbye we went back to our dressing room and suddenly it all caught up with us! After all day prepping, being anxious to start and just DO IT, it was done, over! I couldn’t believe it, it seemed like a few hours ago I was on that crazy long plane ride and then suddenly, BOOM one event down, one to go!

We drank some water and packed up our stuff ready to go back to the hotel, while the crowds were filtering out as the store was closing. The Macy’s team had all worked so incredibly hard on all their areas and were now organising things to be taken down, packed away, folding clothes, sorting out models, sending people home… it was still all a whirlwind!

Rose and I hadn’t decided on what to do after the show because we didn’t know how tired we would be. We knew we wanted to eat and drink but hadn’t made reservations anywhere. As it was Light Up Night in Pitts, masses of people would be in town and in all the bars and restaurants as somewhere to get in from the cold after the events were ended. We decided to go back and chill out in the hotel - perhaps the Speakeasy would be open this time. Plus all the talent were staying at the same hotel so it would be cool to all just hang out and take it easy.

We picked up our stuff and gifts and fan mail from the guys we met - we haven’t started writing back yet (still catching up with posting the march you guys ordered when we were away!) but trust me, we will! I can’t wait to sit down in bed all cosy with a pen and paper and read through all those letters!

We actually walked back to the hotel, well it’s not like we would have got a car to drive us for two seconds, and we walked with some of the Macy’s team and security. Walking inside that warm, christmassy building felt so awesome after being tired and hungry and weary. We headed up to our rooms to change our tops, freshen our makeup, pop on perfume and headed back downstairs for a second try of the Speakeasy!

Once again… a man was turning away people from the Speakeasy and ONCE AGAIN although I have zero evidence for this other than hearsay, I am blaming Will Smith entirely. Not feeling the tap room again we actually pushed two giant tables together in the huge lobby and ordered a round of drinks and some food. Salad for the ladies who were concerned for their appearance and then the two giant burgers and fries for Rose and I. Washed down with gallons of water, Bloody Mary’s and Moscow Mules. 

We sat, we gossiped, we laughed. It was just soon relaxing, sitting there, stretching our feet out, leaning on the table listening to the ladies tell their stories and filling up on all the food and drink. The Macy’s team had ordered chips and dip but the dip tasted EXACTLY like Uncle Ben’s Sweet N Sour sauce… it was delicious!! I know it sounds weird but it really was so good! So we ladies let our hair down and kicked back for a while.

Eventually, as it got later and later, people started heading off to their rooms. All of the crew and talent had events the next day, some in Washington DC, some in Philly with us. People headed off to bed but Lindsay, Donnie, Rose and I could not be stopped! I NEEDED to see the Speakeasy before we left for Philly so we headed down their around midnight-ish and low and behold - it was FINALLY open. It must have been past Will Smith’s bedtime.

We ordered a round of Moscow Mules which, this time, came in this  awesome tankard style cups. Rose and I were taking photos of Lindsay and Donnie and we were talking girlie shit, manicures, relationships, those sorts of things, joking around, until suddenly, it was past 1AM and we had to be up at 6AM to catch our flight to Philly! We all agreed we were shattered and headed up to our rooms, Lindsay coming to our room where she had dropped off one of her huge bags earlier.

Lindsay is such a mega babe. She came into our room, saw all our stuff strewn allover the place after getting ready in a rush that morning PLUS all the bags of stuff from fans! It was soooo late and she was sooooo tired, but BLESS her she stayed and helped us pack it all down, folding things for me so I could get it all into bag  and making things smaller by taking it out its packaging but wrapping it up in our clothes so it wouldn’t break and helping us organise things. She didn’t leave until our entire room was packed ready for us to get up and leave in the morning and then finally, she said “Alright. I’m going to bed. See you guys in the morning.” We gave her huge hugs and she closed the door. As soon as she had gone we brushed our teeth and snuggled down. Rose set the alarm but I couldn’t even bear to look at the time. Our first event, done! Boom, I fell asleep in a heartbeat, knowing that every single night in the USA, I would sleep well.


  1. Omg Rosie! I can't even tell how much I love to read your blogs, you are an amazing writer! You make us imagine everything that we are reading, every detail, such a pleasure to read you. :)

    And I'm so happy the event was great and you guys had such a great time!
    Can't wait to read more! :)

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. The posts make me really happy and you have inspired me to start up my own blog at some point in the new year! :3 xxxx

  3. Another great blog Rosie. Hmm, who could that fan that waited all day be? ;-). It was totally worth every second. I'm glad you had a great night, because I know I did. I met some great ppl and made friends. Thank youfor such kind words. I will always be proud of you, the accomplishments and life you've built. You both work so hard and give so much to us. I doesn't go unnoticed. I was impressed you knew my name when we met. It was a true honor. I can see a lot of M&G's in my future. Can't wait. Luv you ladies to the moon and back. Take care.

    1. While reading the line, I knw in an instant that Rosie was talking about you. congratulations, you met the Roses. I hope one day, one day they will notice me. hehe, I'm a fan (still not out from the closet). Rose and Rosie's relationship gives me hope that someday I will find someone who I could love openly and maybe someday I will have the courage to come out to my family and friends.

  4. Wow yet again i lose my interest in everything else to read your blogs this one is amazeballs i love it! Im so glad you guys had a great time it sounds so exciting hope to finally meet you guys for the first time at your next meet and greet :) xxx

  5. it was a great blog glad everything went great i love u & rose so much u are an inspiration 2 us all <3 ;)

  6. I've only recently started reading your blogs, but have been watching your videos for a couple of months now and really enjoy them. You and Rose are so very inspiring to me, and I would just like to say how much y'all two have influenced my life. My name is Jessyca and I live in the U.S. (Texas) and I come from a very traditional household. Being gay isn't what my family planned for me and they do not accept me for who I am. You and Rose make me realize that it's okay to be who I am and although things get rough at times, it'll all be okay. I do wish to meet both of you one day. I'm 16, so it's not like I can jump on a plane to see y'all :) I hope you see this and keep blogging. You're an amazing writer.

  7. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures in the US. Actually, I love reading everything you write. Thank you for sharing. Love and good wishes to you and Rose.

  8. What are the name of the boots Rose decided to wear, they look so fucking cool, especially with those jeans!

  9. Could Blogmas also be a possibility because these posts have been AMAZING!! I love hearing all about your trip, and as you can guess I'm particularly excited to see tomorrow's post :) I'm so glad you gals had such a great time in the US, you're welcome ANYtime (as if it's my fucking country hahaha) xxx

  10. I love how detailed your blogs are and you write very well! Lindsay seems awesome and Macy's is lucky to have her. It's really exciting to follow you and Rosie from your very first Youtube videos together to meeting people at a local mall to Rosewaglyn to SITC to the US the first time to the US a second time! My fiancé and I have been dating for 4 years in January and are engaged too so I enjoy seeing all the things that happen in your relationship with Rosie (at least the parts you share) and compare it to our relationship. All the similarities make me laugh and I love sharing them with my fiancé!

  11. That snack table looks AMAZING!

    And I'm just kidding. That is not the only thing i got out of this post. Thanks for sharing your experience, and being so honest about how you were really feeling. Albeit your nerves, it seems like you pulled off that whole event(plus the meet and greet) off like a champ; you and Rose and everybody else involved.

    Shout out to Tim and all the people that make you feel special...that's because you are :)

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  14. Rosie, again I'm amazed with your writing, it's like you can remember every single detail that's passed through your head at these two days on US.. I loved to know how you're so lovely to everyone you meet on This event, I would do anything to be on that line and talk to you and Rose.. I was so curious to know how was the travel and I couldn't wait from your blog with these adventures and the videos!! Once again, your writing amazed me, you're so talented, do not lose it, it's a special gift and you don't know how many people you have helped, specially with this post!!! My favorite writer!! Kisses from a Brazilian girl named Amanda :)

  15. I love reading your blogs Rosie! I love it! Cant wait for more! Cheers'

  16. Love the blogs. Very descriptive. Your videos make my day, I can't thank you enough for them. Never worry that a trip to America will be nothing short of fabulous. We your fans love you two. :-)


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