Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What I Learned From My One Month Shaving Ban

So my one month of no shaving/waxing/plucking/ hair removal of any kind is OVER. You would have thought that I would be sighing with relief right now right? But you know what, my experience with growing my hair was a far different one than I expected to have. Read on to find out what I learned on my One Month Shaving Ban.

1. I'm not even actually that hairy.

My hair did NOT grow as long as I expected it to. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was long. But my hair is naturally quite fair so it didn't look the worst in the world. Or maybe I am just majorly biased because it was growing on my own body....


2. If I hadn't told anybody, no-one would have known.

The Autumn/Winter period was the perfect time to do a shaving ban. I just wore leggings or dark tights and long sleeved tops and NOBODY knew. The only time I even noticed my hair was long was when I was stepping to a bath. And even then sometimes I forgot!

3. The only activity it limited me doing was swimming.

Swimming is the only thing I didn't do whilst I was hairy. And I do love swimming. So I guess that was the one place I would have felt judged for being hairy. But thinking about it, even if someone at the swimming pool saw my hairy legs and armpits and judged me for it... would they have actually have made a comment about it to my face? I highly doubt it.

4. It was actually good for me.

It was! I was seriously concerned when I started doing this that growing my hair would affect my eczema. Sometimes when my leg hair has got a little out of control it has irritated my eczema and made my legs really really itchy. But I grew my leg hair, and you know what? It actually HELPED my eczema! My legs didn't itch once whilst I grew my hair and now my hair is gone, still no sign of any irritation. I guess it was a welcome break from all the shaving and hair removal.

5. I would do it again....

I actually would. It wasn't that bad, especially in the winter. I wanted  to grow my hair out and wax it all off but due to being in a rush to go places and get things done I didn't have the time. I would totally grow my hair again (perhaps not for as long) and then get it all waxed. Also, my hair isn't growing back as quickly after leaving it for a while, which is awesome.And it was all for a good cause!

6. I couldn't have done it without you

Seeing all the money getting raised for Alopecia UK was overwhelming and awesome. I truly couldn't have kept myself motivated to continue to not shave if it wasn't for all the encouraging words on Twitter, positive messages on Tumblr and the fact that it was all for a great cause! A very special thank you to Sam Whybrow, who constantly made small donations, which kept me going, and also added up to  big contribution. She also left Disney Quotes to help see me through. My wonderful followers friends and fans were so supportive of me doing something kind of gross to raise money for a good cause, so for that I thank you all.

Despite the shaving ban being over you can STILL donate to raise money for Alopecia UK. Click HERE to make a donation :)



  1. So proud of you Rosie. You stepped out of your comfort zone and kept your word.for a good cause.Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. It was super brave of you rosie to do something like this i feel very proud of you and happy that we could see you accomplish something like this❤️

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  4. I love you and respect you so much! So brave and amazing! <3 Thank you so much Rosie tc xxx

  5. Proud of you for doing this all for a good cause, I respect you so much xo

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