Sunday, 30 November 2014

NY Diary Blog: HEY USA!

On Thursday morning I had gone to bed the previous night with my alarm set for 3.45. AM. Like, excuse me sir, are you fucking kidding me? The night before we flew had been a nervous one. I had put Flynn into the cattery, for the first time in the entire 3 1/2 years I’ve had him and the experience was far from easy. He had hissed at me when I left and I had cried all the way home. I just worried that because he’d never been in a cattery before he would assume I was abandoning him. I hate that you can’t tell animals what’s going on, like you can with a child. Ten days seemed like a really long time to leave him there. All the other times I have gone away I have simply sent someone round to our house to look after him, so he can just chill out in his own territory, sleep in the same spot on the bed every night and generally go about his daily routine undisturbed. However, family and friends were very busy at this time, unfortunately it just wasn’t possible.

Not only did I have to go through the trauma of leaving my baby in the hands of strangers but I also had a job interview to go to, and I hadn’t even begun packing yet. The job interview actually consisted of two stages whereby if you ‘pass’ the first interview you get a second. As I would be in America when the second interview stages were happening, it was arranged that if I got through the first interview stage that day, I would go straight into the second interview. Which was nerve wracking for me because if I didn’t go into the second interview I would go home knowing I definitely hadn’t got the job, which would be a bit of a bummer. So I went to the interview and also had the second interview, and ended on a high. But by then it was late, the sky was black and I had to pack.

Question: why does packing ALWAYS take longer than you expect? Despite washing and drying all clothes needed beforehand, preparing what outfits, knowing what bits and bobs you have to leave out which cannot be packed until the very last minute (phone chargers, toothbrush etc) it still takes BLOODY HOURS!!! Even when we had finished, Rose and I couldn’t sleep, and picked up hairbrushes, pretending they were microphones, and rehearsed our lines for the event, checking we had learned them off by heart.
Even when we had finally switched off the light, attempting to sleep for the precious few hours that we had, I could hear Rose muttering the lines to herself, and then i had to go through them with her too. I didn't like the feeling that she was more rehearsed than I was.

Finally, the alarm went off and we tried to get up, all bleary eyed and feeling like shit. We had bathed and washed hair the night before and we didn’t bother wearing any makeup for the plane so all we did was slowly gather up our stuff and wait for my step dad to pick us up.

He dropped us off at the airport and we had arrived early so we waited around to find which gate to go to. We got through security, feeling confident around the airport after our last trip three months ago. I think Rose and I were so tired, we were just eager to get on the plane so we could fall asleep.

Unfortunately for me, I had a bit of a bad experience on this trip. As soon as I sat down on the plane to Newark, which was an 8 hours and 20 minutes flight, I saw spots in front of my eyes and realised I was having a migraine. Migraines run in my family and I have to take special medication for them. As soon as my vision goes, I know a cracking headache and nausea will quickly follow. Only a few days before our trip, I had suffered from a migraine which left me in bed, unable to even move my head for two straight days. So when I realised I was trapped on a plane full of people but may need to throw up/cry/not be able to move I was really, really, anxious. I also get very claustraphobic, so I always get an aisle seat so I feel I can get up and walk around whenever possible. But having a migraine meant I was stuck in my seat. I also was very aware I needed to go for a wee, but couldn’t go even if I tried, for my lack of vision. I told Rose I had a migraine and she was extremely good. I took my medication and Rose had brought with her an eye mask, so she put that on me. I just tried to close my eyes and go to sleep, which is the only thing I can do when I get a migraine. Because I had to keep my eyes closed, Rose was brilliant, turning my phone and iPad onto airplane mode, moving my bag under the seat in front of me, buckling up my seatbelt and just looking after me in general. I slept for about 6 hours, waking up every few and checking in with Rose before drifting off again. Luckily, with medication and some much needed sleep, it cleared up. 

When it cleared up I felt a bit more positive and ate some food. Rose and I scrolled through the films on the plane and found the new Godzilla which I couldn’t remember whether I had seen or not. I have such a terrible memory, I will watch an entire film and be surprised at every twist and turn, then remember a few days later i’d already seen it! We tried to click the ‘play movie’ button at the exact same time so we could watch the film together. I only just managed to see the end before we landed.

Lindsay had arranged for a car to come and pick us up and we found him straight away, holding up a sign that said ‘Dixs’ which I found quite funny.

The driver, named Anthony, who was awesome, drove us through Pittsburgh giving us a tour, telling us what building was where, what to eat and where to go. We filmed out the window because Pitts looked so pretty in the dark, all the bridges (there were so many!!!) lit up all pretty.

We got to the hotel, which was the Omni William Penn in Pitts, and it. was gorgeous!!!!! Already decorated for Christmas, the entrance had a massive Christmas tree, a grand piano and a gigantic gingerbread house. We were walking through looking to find out what room we were in and we heard Lindsay’s voice call us. We turned around and ran over to Lindsay and Donnie! They had been sat at a table surrounded by paper as they'd been working on the scripts and going over last details needed for the following night. We ran up and gave them massive hugs. Lindsay told us to go drop our bags off in our rooms and to come back down and hang out!

First, we tried to go to the speakeasy - a really cool underground bar type thing within the hotel. But, despite the rota saying it should be open till early morning as per usual, it was closed and no one was allowed in. Rose and I had been told by several people that Will Smith was staying in the same hotel as us whilst filming a movie, so I was thinking it had been shut down for him. We could hear people in there but no one was allowed in, and there was like a bouncer at the door, just turning people away.

So, instead, we moved onto the Tap Room, another dark room, but this time more casual, with tall tables surrounded by bar stools, huge TVs playing american football games and a really awesome atmosphere, with groups of people eating chips and nachos and laughing and drinking beer.

We sat at a table with Lindsay and Donnie and began catching up. Rose ordered a virgin bloody mary and I ordered the same. After my monster migraine on the plane I was waaaayy to frightened to touch alcohol and also sipped on water while we swapped stories. We asked the girls how the event planning was going and they were telling animated stories of things almost going wrong and the usual chaos that comes with organising any event. I love talking with Lindsay and Donnie about these things, after all, I used to be an event organiser myself. We swapped stories and had a massive catch up, not that there was anything major to tell, as we have kept in close contact since the last event, Facebook messaging and Skyping to make sure we knew the event timetable, our lines, what was happening and when, and also just to chat and hang out.

A few hours in and suddenly, Shannon and Cammie walk in! It was so surreal seeing them in person after watching their Youtube channel! I was like “oh my god, you’re real!” and Cammie was like “Omg, we’re 3D!” We introduced Shannon and Cammie to Lindsay and Donnie, who were more than welcome to stay and hang out, but were shattered from their early start and full day of organising. Linds and Donnie said goodnight and went to their bedrooms and Shannon and Cammie sat down! We got the drinks in, Rose still not drinking after so many hours of travelling, but I saw Cammie’s red wine, felt jealous and ordered a small one. Then we got chatting!

We were talking about Pittsburgh and what to eat there and where to go and how beautiful the city was. We were talking about our lines and the people there and Shannon and Cammie said we were going to be fine up on stage. Because Rose and I didn't write the script ourselves, and had never been to Pittsburgh before, we had no idea whether or not the crowd would be a tough crowd or would be totally cheering us. Cammie was saying how everyone in Pitts LOVES the Steelers football team and if the crowd went quiet we should just mention them. Shannon was like “so…. hows about them steelers?” and I was dying of laughter and I was like “No seriously, if everything goes to shit I am ACTUALLY saying that!” The girls said they would cheer for us if they were there that night and we were joking around saying they would shout “You look fat and you sound crap!” Joking about tomorrow’s event which we were both naturally slightly nervous for was so much fun and so relieving for us. Shannon and Cammie both made us feel so nice about it.

The night went on and we discussed family, living together, plans for the future and told funny stories. Then we started talking about our band! We had all forgotten the band name we created some time ago and because Rose and I didn’t have our mobile data switched on whilst we were abroad, Shannon tweeted asking people what it was! Then we were all dying when the response was ‘Dix Cheese and The Crackers!’ We got up out of the taproom after paying the bill to this waitress who took a particular liking to my accent, after hearing me declare “Pittsburghers!!” several times. I’m pretty sure she said something like “I like you” to me! Then we moved into the lobby of the hotel. It was around 1AM Pittsburgh time and we had been up for 25 hours straight, travelling, then meeting Lindsay and Donnie, and then the girls. We took some ‘band photos’ which were so funny and cute, then we walked the girls outside to their car to wave them goodbye.

We went upstairs happy and in agreement that the girls were so lovely. It had been so nice, after the headache, the early start, the hours of travelling, to be reunited with Lindsay and Donnie, and then to have so much fun with Shannon and Cammie.

We wiped our makeup off, brushed our teeth and out on our pyjamas and hopped into bed. As we set the alarm, we realised we only had 4 hours to sleep until we had to get up for the event! Too tired to be nervous or excited, I fell asleep in an instant.


  1. These diary blog posts are my absolute FAVORITE!! I can't wait to keep reading :)

  2. Great post Rosie! You write in great detail. I felt like I was with you the entire trip. It was lovely meeting you two before and during the event. You two are wonderful people and I adore you. My son is quite smitten with you too. he wanted me to drive to Philly to meet you Keep up the good work and best of luck with your new job.

  3. loved your blog poor flynn i love Shannon & Cammie & i love you & rose the most

  4. Amazing post Rosie! I absolutely love it :) thank u sooo much xxx

  5. Awesome post Rosie! I love reading all about your first day back in the US!

  6. Love your writing. Glad you enjoyed being in the states.

  7. Aw Flynn :( Did he welcome you nicely or was he still mad about it? I'm so glad you had fun regardless of the not so nice bits. I love reading about your trips and experiences! Keep up the good work. xxx


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  9. Ohh Rosie great post! Its always nice to read your posts,but this one might be the favorite one! Your writing absolutely excellent.I'm glad that you and Rose had good time in America :-) but i have to mention that i've missed to see your faces!
    Love you!!xx

  10. GOOD LORD! Eight and a half hours on a plane?!?!? Bless, because thats...waytooeffingloooong in such a confined space. I'm still waiting for someone to actually invent teleportation. Glad your migraine eventually passed, because that is no good way to kick off a trip.

    Also YAY to reuniting with your old friends and meeting some new ones and good times all around. more please and thank you :)

    p.s. sorry for Flynn :/ hope he's still not holding a grudge

    OH! and high five for getting that second interview

  11. Rosie I love your travel diaries! It makes me feel like I'm with you and Rose during your travel. I've been waiting for years for your update and now that it's's worth the wait! I'm so proud of you and Rose for the all gigs you've been doing.

    And btw, anyone that would hear your accent would definitely fall for you! More power to you guys and love u! Keep doing what you doing! Xoxo Jergen

  12. Hey Rosie :) your blogs are amazing i could literally sit and read them all day long ... i cant wait to read more and even better watch the new video you and rose have to upload onto youtube !! I love you both and cant wait for your next meet and greet because ive always wanted to meet you two ... btw im from Newcastle... JUST SAAAYYYEEENNN XD xxxx

  13. Awesome as ever! I love reading your blogs, you're such a great writer. Cant wait for more. I miss flyn flyn...:)

  14. cammie and shanon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Congratulation Rosie for passing the job interview, I know and I believe you are a very smart, talented and good person. I know you didn't notice me but I would like to thank you for inspiring and entertaining lots of people, including me. salamat sobra

  16. So feel you! I have migraine too! Take more rest and don't drink alcohol any more. Sometimes I just wanna rush my head to the wall

  17. I love reading your posts! Hope you guys have a great trip!

  18. Oohhh i just miss flynn flynn. No dull moments at all.

  19. For having such a terrible memory you sure described your trip with beautiful imagry. Cattery part tho. Poor Flynn. Is a cattery an English thing I wonder... hmm.

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