Monday, 3 November 2014

Dear Diary: Catch Up and Moving House

 Dear Diary.

I am sat in my office, typing on the equivalent of a Nokia 3310. My laptop is a BRICK. But I don't care, it's been soooo long since I've done a blogpost! And I have sooo much to tell you!! So I've dusted off the laptop (Literally. It was dusty. It's been THAT long) we connected up the broadband and off we go.

Where do I even begin?! I. am. TIRED. It's been work work work, go to London, come home film a video, do a shop, fix the house, unpack more work and if I didn't have a bath in this new place and several bottles of wine I would have gone mad. But Rose and I looked around the place today and agreed WE ARE GETTING THERE.

Who knew moving house would be so stressful?! I did. I've moved so many times before. But Rose was unprepared and we were most definitely unprepared to become the Amish folks we became with no home broadband, no internet data and no telephone. Guys, we wrote people letters, not emails. LETTERS.

Today we finally had time to go and do a food shop ( I really do not understand what we've been eating when we haven't done a food shop in over a month. Seriously. WHAT did we eat? Wine, I think, mostly) and whilst in the middle of the shop Rose reminded me that we would be flying to America on November the 20th and that today's date is November 3rd and we have to swot up on the schedule of the show we are hosting. Little beads of sweat started forming on my head and I was just having one of those moments like in a movie when you feel the camera rush at your face as you have a Sudden Clarity Clarence moment where you realize actually how much there is to do.

 I'm a born procrastinator and although I'm good at waking up and responding to emails and getting jobs done, tell me there's something big to plan for and I will ignore it and write a blog post. Which is where you are finding me now.

Ok, lets try and start at the beginning. This house move is all a bit of a blur to me at the moment. We officially moved in on the 17th October 2014 with much needed help from my immediate family and my Uncle Dave. I literally thanked God constantly for Uncle Dave during the move, because he was a life saver. Rose and I found it absolutely impossible to hire a moving van, though not for lack of trying. We contacted everyone and no one was willing to help. (Does nobody want to get paid to just simply drive a van? I wondered) and then Uncle Dave turned up, helped collapse and unscrew things I could never collapse and unscrew, shoved everything into his Mary Poppins van that looked big but turned out to fit the entire contents of our previous house in one go, made sure nothing got scratched, moved it all over to the new house and refused to accept payment. He also refused to let me buy him beers, but I DID buy him beers and he still made out like he wasn't sure. But hopefully he went home, put his feet up and drank the beers. Cheers, Uncle Dave. You'll be getting a fabulous Xmas prezzie this year.

After Dave helped move everything in my Mum helped clean the kitchen and fill our cupboards and make tea whilst my Step Dad helped move furniture around, and then they left us to it in our new house. The first night we had moved a few little things over in the car and had ended up sleeping on a pile of duvets and sleeping bags so it was awesome to have our mattress in the house. We had a hot bath, a hot chocolate, then fell into bed.

The next day Rose's family came round, bringing with them lasagne, salad and a vegan curry for myself. Rose's Mum and I scrubbed the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, washed, hung out and ironed numerous bouts of washing and gossiped about the other family members. Rose's Dad set up our heating and water, fixed a cupboard and helped re arrange the furniture. It's been awesome, growing closer to Rose's family, who took some time getting used to the idea of mine and Rose's engagement, but they came around with food, flowers, presents and positivity!

Rose and I couldn't set up our bed for a while because we wanted to re carpet our bedroom, so the next step was buying some carpet. We measured the room and set off to the carpet shop and just impulsively bought some. Rose and I are extremely good at making quick decisions. We bought it, got it home and almost shit ourselves thinking we'd spent loads of money on a carpet that clashed with the walls. We agreed we would have to paint the walls after the carpet was laid down. Thankfully, my Step Dad came around, laid the carpet and it looked awesome. Panic over and we put the bed up, and now it feels like we have an actual house.

Who would have thought we would still be unpacking boxes of shit weeks later? I unpacked all my jewelry (trust me, there's lots of it) and then realized I have no where to put  it. Oops. Rose and I both had a walk in wardrobe EACH at our last house and obviously we couldn't take THAT with us so now we have no wardrobes. So there are lots and lots of trinkets and clothes still in boxes. Oh well.

Still, we love the new place. So homely and exciting! I can't wait to put up a Christmas wreath on the door and hang Christmas lights outside. Yes, we are going to have a tacky Christmas house this year! Why not? And I'm loving my new office too, it makes working so much easier. Hopefully this means many many more diary blog posts for you to come! And don't forget plenty more American Diary Blog Adventure Posts to come!

 Love you all!! And I love being back!!




  1. well good luck on your new place you guys!!! ps your cats are adorable

  2. So glad youre back too Rosie. I'm so happy you and Rose bought a house. It shows things are going your way. Good things happen to good people! ❤��❤

  3. Congrats for the new house !! ���� I'm from Perú, hope someday I'll meet you girls.. Ps: Love the cute couple that you and Rose are

  4. I so enjoy reading your dairy Rosie, the way you write is awesome!.
    Congrats on your new home, is beautiful and so cozy! so happy for you guys, moving houses isn't easy, but glad you finally getting there. :) can't wait to read more of your blog post including the America ones!
    Love you both <3

  5. You write a bit like me here... as if you're talking to us... which just leaves me with my inner commentary responses. And I'm funny as hell... might I just say! HAHAH! I'd explain but you had to be there.

    I am so glad your blogs are coming back! I've really really REALLY missed them! Can I just say that you two have done more in the last two weeks than I've done in a month! ... You're so busy!... No... is busy really the correct word for someone who doesn't stop ever?.... E.V.E.R. ? How about buried... engrossed... slaving...swamped! You've both been completely assiduous! (Gotta love a thesaurus! So many strange words so little time)

    Having a tacky Christmas House is Absolutely Necessary when you get a HOUSE! DO It! Santa and reindeer and elves and the ever so noticeably clashing house lights because you accidentally purchased one to few and were forced to buy a different brand. :) Take advantage of your Chimney for decor as well! Inside and out! Only thing I advise with the chimney is to have a cover. That thing lets cold in something fierce without one in the winter time!

    I feel like I'm as excited for your new place as you are! Hahah! So glad your families both helped out so much with your move and there was some needed bonding going on! :)

    Alright I wont leave a new chapter this time! I'm leaving it at this! So happy for you girls! Happy for what you've accomplished and what you're still working towards and most importantly... where you are at this very moment! This moment in time is yours! Bask in it!

    With much love from yours truly,
    April DeRosier

    P.S. Help Rose slack a bit... Lots done... lots to do... Even though I didn't get the chance to fix the last tarot reading (as reading it after it annoyed the living piss out of me to even read) It pretty much warned she'd feel breaky under lots to do. Chillax your GF/Fiance if you think she needs it. ;)

    1. Shortest response I've done in a while... Proud!

  6. Why Rose's family took some time getting used to the idea of your engagement? It would be great if you talk about this on a video, about family, and being conected and thankful to them but also living your own life and gradually start not giving a shit. About how does it feel when you know they're not 100% ok with it, but they still act as if they were...I think it could be interesting and new.

  7. Just reading this makes me TIRED already for both of you but I'm so relieved and happy you're back online.Seemed there's still so much to do not to mention stuff you need to sort out such as merch orders,replying to mails,upcoming Macy's event in the US,blogs to make,blogs to write and wedding preparation.

    This is weird but I genuinely feel happy for you both how far you've gone and matured in your relationship in just three years.There's always some exciting stuff going on in your lives and thank you so much for sharing a bit of it online inspiring many of us all over the world.I'm sure it has it's downside that's why I admire you both for handling them so well publicly.

    Take care of your health because you and Rose kinda need tons of it specially now that you have so many things on your to do list.

    I wish you both good health,strength and maybe a good internet connection:)

    Much love,

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  9. And we are SOOO happy to have you back :) In all seriousness, we all love watching and laughing at the vids and stuff, but what I like more is knowing that you both are taking such huge steps in your relationship, and seem very happy, and that you share it with all of us! Thank you! :)

  10. I'm SO happy for you guys and SO proud!! Is always fun to read you blog, it's like you're next to me telling the whole story. It's nice to have you guys back, I missed you both!

  11. Reading your diary Rose is so much fun.. wow.I wish you all the best.. more and more and mooooooorreeeeeee blessings to come in your tears almost fall down (seriously) CHEERRSS!!

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  15. Yes, moving could be stressful. Not everyone is built for packing and carrying boxes around. I guess preparation is the key to make things easier. Now that you're done with the move, I hope that you're doing quite well. Take care!

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  16. I know the feeling, Rosie! Moving into a new house can be very stressful! That’s why it’s best to start packing and planning stuff for the move long before the moving date. That way, there won’t be any hassle about loading them to and fro. Anyway, it seems you managed to adjust to your new home quite easily. All the best!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals

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