Tuesday, 2 September 2014

OOTD - Houndstooth with a POP

Hey guys! Long time no ootd! But I am BACK with more looks for you, so I hope you will enjoy this post!

Today I am wearing a houndstooth print top from New Look. Now that the weather has started turning and we're entering September and the Autumn/Winter looks, houndstooth is big. Last year I was so tempted to buy a Fearne Cotton houndstooth coat and I will definitely be investing in a scarf with this print. The dress I wore at our Macys Shopping Party Meet and Greet was also a houndstooth print. I just love that this print is so versatile, it can be wintery and snug, but if you add bright colours it can look bright, clean and fresh. Definitely a must for a wintery wardrobe!

So today I am wearing black h&m black basic leggings which you can find HERE.  I am also wearing a 'Lucky' gold necklace from H&M that came in a pack of three lucky necklaces. H&M furry vans style slip ons which you can find HERE and a New Look houndstooth top you can find HERE.

I added a pink handbag from New Look and pink lipstick and blush to brighten up the outfit and make it pop. To add even more colour I could have worn black jeans with pink heels. I tied my hair up half up for a playful, girly Ariana Grande style look.

Rose is wearing a top from Macys that we got in NY and H&M leggings. She went for a smokey eye makeup look whereas I just swept a light pearl colour across my eyes, to make the bright pink Kelly Brook lipstick be the focus of the look.



  1. NYC treated you girls well. You look fantasic as always! :) XOXOXO

  2. Love it love it LOVE IT!! Ladies you look gorgeous xxx

  3. I love your hair Rosie, I like to do mine like that but I find it too fiddly and my hair snags and gets caught in the little hairband :(

  4. You two make me want to be a lesbian woman, instead of a straight male.

  5. Both of you look stunning..absolutely beautful...

  6. As of today I have my Laptop back... WHICH MEANS... I have a 50/50 chance of actually being able to comment on your blog again.. YAY!

    I would have to say my fav part of your outfit Rosie would be your shoes, your bag and your necklace. So essentially your accessories. Mayhaps I've gotten used to you wearing your form fitting tops and dresses... IDK but the shirt is a big baggy, tho I expect comfy! I already Love the print and yes I did notice it was the same as your dress from the meet and greet!. I think the one thing I'd change is the leggings. I'd change them to white... to offset the darkness of the entire ensemble. I think it's because the print is so small from far away your shirt looks greyish in photos.

    I really like your hair... Casual and cutsie. And like I've said before. I really dig the just growing out look! Gives a bit of contrast to the dyed colour!

    Rose... Don't change a thing. Your outfit is dead on... tho you should probably stop trying to look so innocent in your photos... you don't fool me! I do, however, wish I could see your shoes...

    Alright... I'll wrap this up! I'm craving Foodz!

    ~April DeRosier

    p.s. Rosie, eyebrows... on point!

  7. Wow you both look so incredible perfect! I would love to have your top Rosie and Rose, and o my gosh your make up! How can be your hair so amazing? :( Do you ever come to Germany for a meet and greet? Greetings to you, Rose and Rosie. Stay so lovely how you are!

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