Monday, 8 September 2014

My New York Diary Blog - The Finale!

On the final day Rose and I woke up really really early, to make sure we had packed our bags correctly before going to the airport later on. Like, really early I think 6 or 7. We got up and dressed for the airport, comfy clothes like leggings and strappy tops, with thick jumpers in our bags because it is always so freezing on aeroplanes! We didn't order room service today, we had decided we would prefer to eat out in the city one last time, to make some final last memories before we headed home.

After we had packed we decided to head out into Times Square, to spend our left over dollars that we wouldn't be needing to take home with us, and grab a few last minute items we wanted. I had to get a certain friend a keyring I had promised, and another friend a fridge magnet, and Rose and I wanted keyrings for ourselves. We also really wanted to buy a present for Lindsay, as it had been her birthday and also just because of all the hard work she had done for us, organising every last detail so we were completely comfortable and everything ran smoothly. Also, she'd been such a babe, basically being our tour guide when we were here! Rose and I were worried we would feel guilty dragging her around site seeing in New York, but we could both tell that Lindsay actually really enjoyed seeing NY through other peoples eyes. I know for a fact that she LOVED going up the Empire State Building. So we decided we would buy her some whiskey, as a lovely birthday and thank you present.

We walked out of the hotel and just decided to keep walking, because after being in taxis and looking out of the window, we'd seen that on almost every corner of Times Square, there was a I <3 NY style tourist shop or little van selling touristy items. However, we didn't really know where we were going or where anything was and lost our bearings a bit, wandering round and round. We were worried we were running out of time and would have to go back to the hotel to meet Lindsay, when I saw a little van type stall, selling key rings and fridge magnets!! We bought a keyring each and stuff for our friends. I had been hoping to offload all my dollars but the keyrings were literally like a dollar each which is sooo cheap. I was tempted to buy ALL the keyrings when Rose dragged me away.

We continued to walk round in circles, looking for a liquor store to buy Lindsay's whiskey, but we were at a loss. So we started thinking, what else could we buy her? Eventually we spotted another tourist style shop and I pulled Rose in. I was thinking maybe I could get her a statue of the Empire State Building, to remind her of our time up there and how beautiful it was. Rose and I are the type of people who really worry about the little things, we really wanted this present to be right. We stood there, umming and ahhing about what to buy and whether she would like it. Eventually, I found a gorgeous photo frame, that had the statue of liberty, the freedom tower, the empire state building and other NY landmarks on. I said to Rose we could give it to Lindsay and she could frame a photo of us on the empire state building, Rose had taken many gorgeous photos on her professional camera. We had decided, so we bought the frame, along with a postcard with a beautiful backdrop of NY, and headed back to the hotel, which, luckily for us, was not hard to find.

We took the bubble lift up to the 8th floor where the receptionists and bar were, planning to buy a bottle of whiskey or some alcohol of some kind from the bar there, as we were having no luck finding a liquor store. The bar was closed, as it was so early so we headed over to the counter to speak to someone. A receptionist listened to our problem and told us that there was a nearby liquor store but it didn't open till 10. Rose and I knew Lindsay would already be over by then so it was too late to get her any alcohol before she came over. We were really disappointed as we wanted to get her a really good gift to say thank you for everything, but we agreed we would buy her brunch or something, as at least a small gesture.

Lindsay called us to say she was on her way over with all the gifts we had been given at the Macy's Shopping Party Meet and Greet. She said there was so many, it would be crazy trying to pack them all! We told her to come on over, and she arrived, black Starbucks iced coffee in hand.

She came straight in and made herself at home, sitting on the bed chatting to us and laughing and we gave her her little presents, which (we hoped!) she loved.
Then we started unpacking the bags of stuff Lindsay had brought over from the Meet and Greet! Rose and I had already packed our suitcases right to the brim. Luckily, Rose is quite the expert with packing things really tight to give me more room. She started folding some of my clothes smaller, so we could put in the suitcase some of the glass items that had been given to us, that we wouldn't be taking in hand luggage, like wine glasses and mason jars. Between us, we managed to squish it all in, taking extra care not to leave a single letter behind. I was really excited to read them all actually. I still couldn't get my head around the fact that, if it wasn't for Macy's and this opportunity, there is no way Rose and I would have been able to fly over and meet all those people. Lindsay was staring at my suitcase and said “Omg Rosie how have you packed that? Like did you even fold your clothes? Your bag is giving me anxiety right now” and we sat on the floor staring at my ridiculous suitcase, which was bursting at the seems and laughing. We ended up with our suitcases but also an extra bag of hand luggage each, to take it all home.

Even on our final day, Lindsay managed to organise it all so the day went smoother. She arranged for us to leave our bags at the hotel, so we wouldn't have to worry about dragging suitcases around, and started walking quickly, knowing exactly where we were going. I said to Lindsay “So where do you want to eat today? Do you have any specific place you want to go?” I had assumed that we'd just pick the first restaurant we ran into and go from there. But Lindsay always had a plan and said “Yeah I know where we are going. We're going to go on a boat” and carried on walking. Rose and I beamed at each other with delight. YES!

It was a boiling day and I joked to Rose about how freezing we would be when we got our asses back to rainy old England, which seemed a million zillion miles away from here. There were so many tiny little details about America that were so alien and different from home. Like the pavement was SO wide, you could fit so many people down it, compared to the quaint winding little paths by where I live. It was interesting to see more of the city, as Rose and I had not walked this way before. We walked past loads and loads of dirty looking men all sat on the pavement. I asked Lindsay what they were doing, where they homeless? Lindsay informed me that no, they were construction workers, probably having a break. None of them had a uniform on. I had genuinely wondered to myself why there were so many homeless men sat on the floor!

We were quickly following Lindsay, turning corners and crossing when she told us too, when suddenly, I spied water. Rose was saying to me how crazy New York was, that we were in the middle of Times Square but we walk a few blocks and find THIS.

It looked completely different from anything I'd seen in New York, apart from Brooklyn Bridge. It was just so calm and serene, a massive river with boats bobbing up and down on the water. “Look whose here!” Lindsay ran over to Kathleen who was stood looking chilled out in her sunglasses and wavy hair. Rose yelled “Donniepants!” and we ran over to greet her, then all started walking up towards this giant boat. Lindsay turned around and said “Wait – none of you get sea sick do you?” and I said “It's a bit late asking now Lindsay!” but we were all fine with sea sickness so we started crossing this wobbling bridge onto the boat.

I LOVE being around water. I often refer to myself as 'a water baby' as I could literally be in water all day. I could spend a day in the bath, easily, I LOVE going swimming and just being around water. The ship and the river smelt so strongly of the seaside, it was obviously really salty, it smelt like Cornwall and holidays.

We climbed up the many levels of the boat, noticing a seafood bar on ice as we walked up. We went and sat in the sun on the top deck. Lindsay had planned this so the boat would go round the river and we could take in one final view of New York before we headed home... with food and alcohol of course.

Lindsay ordered us sangria, and I don't know if this is me being British or clueless but I automatically thought of red wine sangria. So when the waitress brought over a giant jug of white wine sangria and four cups I had no idea what it was. But it tasted FANTASTIC.

Rose and I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast so sitting in the sun and drinking sangria felt GREAT and we started to feel a little bit tipsy, and my face was burning in the sun, but I didn't mind, I wanted to make the most of it. We started looking at the menus and Rose and I both went for the lobster roll. Rose chose it because Sandy Cohen from the OC always eats lobster rolls (as well as bagels) so she wanted to see what they were like. Rose and I LOVE watching The OC because we started watching it all from series one when we were first dating. The on again off again relationship between Ryan and Marissa was kind of similar to mine and Roses situation – only I didn't get killed off in a car crash.

We ordered our lobster rolls and sighed contently looking out at the view. I snapped a few photos of Rose as the water and skyline were in the background, and also an American Flag, which I thought was fitting. As the drink in the jug was getting lower and lower, our conversation was getting sillier and sillier. The boat sounded a horn and took off from the dock and started going around the river, pretty quickly too, but we barely noticed as we were gossiping about guys. Lindsay and Kath mentioned to us that most of the guys in America, or at least where they grew up are circumcised. And I was like, yeah, that is not the same in England, only one of my boyfriends was. And Lindsay was like REALLY REALLY EWWW WHYYY and I was like well why notttt and we were laughing about it for ages. We started talking about the wedding and Rose and I said of course you guys are invited. We started talking about wearing hats at weddings and who should wear a hat. Then we started planning the hen night, saying we wanted to be reunited for the hen night. Lindsay said “Where is easy to get to for both of us that's like halfway between England and New York?” and Rose and I said “Amsterdam!” And we were all like YES lets make this a thing! Let's do this! Rose squeezed my hand and I think we thought, why not? Flights to Amsterdam are so cheap from England. We all agreed, lets do this!

Rose looked up and noticed the skyline and said “Wow! And stood up, going over to the rails of the boat and snapping pictures. It looked beautiful. The weather was literally perfect, with a clear bright blue sky acting as a backdrop against the view. I was so sad I had to leave, I just KNEW I would get the holiday blues coming home!

We asked a waiter to take a photo of the four of us, next to the American Flag and we grinned and said cheese and made him take them on Lindsay and Kathleen's phones as well as Rose's camera.

By the way, the lobster roll was incredible. The lobster itself was AMAZING but I wasn't so sure it would work on a brioche roll... but I was mistaken. It was INCREDIBLE. Rose said “Ahhh, now I see why Sandy Cohen eats these all the time!”

Eventually, the boat came back to it's original spot and stopped. We stayed chatting and drinking for a while, but I knew soon we'd have to go back to the hotel and head off home. I felt so so sad.

We hopped off the boat, crossing the wobbly bridge back onto dry land and said goodbye to Kath whilst Lindsay hailed her a cab. We were so glad we got to see her one last time before we left! We followed Lindsay back to the hotel, to collect her car and our suitcases.

Rose and I popped for a wee and waited for our bags to be brought down. When they were, Lindsay chatted to a guy about her car and he told us to wait outside the hotel and the car would be brought round. Dragging out suitcases behind us, we stepped out into the sunlight and stood waiting for Lindsay's car to come over when this girl came RUNNING up to us screaming OMG! She watched our videos and wanted a photo with us! We posed for a photo with her in the middle then as she left my gigantic suitcases fell on her and crushed her toe! I told her I was so so sorry, but she was pretty happy about it, saying that she had a story she could tell, and she skipped off down the road!

We chucked our stuff into the boot and hopped into Lindsay's car, reading for the drive to the airport. I looked up and said a silent goodbye to the hotel.

Lindsay had originally organised the same car that picked us up from the airport and took us to the hotel, to send us back to the airport, but had changed her mind and had wanted to drop us off personally. When we were in the car, Kathleen rang saying “The company wants to know when to take the girls to the airport!” and Lindsay said “Tell them I ballsed up, I'm taking them!” Rose and I were really glad to spend our last couple of hours with Lindsay. As she drove we talked about all the awesome stuff we'd done together – and still making plans for a hen night in Amsterdam!

American airports seem much more organised than our English ones. Lindsay was able to drop us off right next to the airline we were flying with, making it so so easy. She helped us get our suitcases out the car and stood and hugged us for a while. We carried on waving at her as we walked into the airport, so sad to be leaving her!

The airport brought us back to reality, it was like walking into another world after spending a week in our fabulous hotel. We printed off our boarding passes and checked in our luggage, and we were good to go. We passed through security and basically got straight onto the plane!

We settled down for a loonnnng haul. To get here, we had taken a short plane first then the long one, so getting straight onto the long ride felt weird – but I was also glad to get it over with. Rose and I had asked Lindsay to book us flights from Birmingham as opposed to London. Birmingham is only a 45 minute drive or less from our home, so we had thought it would be easier to get to and from the airport that way – as opposed to getting a train down to London and staying in a hotel the night before our flight! But when we had taken the two flights over here, Rose had said “Perhaps we should have gone from London and taken a direct flight?” and I thought, perhaps she was right? But when we touched down in England, I was so so happy we were getting picked up for a comfortable 45 minute drive home and NOT catching a train for nearly three hours!!

On the plane it was night time so they turned down the lights and closed the curtains. Rose and I sat there holding hands listening to my ipod. Ed Sheeran's Lego House came on and Rose squeezed my hand tight, it was a song she'd listened to over and over when we were dating. Eventually, we hooked up to the plane's little television set and listened to the music on there. Rose fell asleep listening to Sam Smith because his songs are so gentle and romantic. That's where our obsession with Sam Smith started, on the plane! Rose and I have decided our first dance at our wedding will be to a certain Sam Smith song.
In the dark, listening to the music we both felt so happy and romantic. Rose took an earphone off and said to me “Did you ever think that when we were just messing around in your bedroom making youtube videos, we'd ever get to do this?” and I smiled and said “No” sort of realising it as I was saying it. Rose was saying how grateful she was, and how we couldn't quite believe it. Rose and I literally used to film youtube videos messing around, talking about nothing, we weren't even officially dating when we filmed. Our old videos are filled with sexual chemistry, and looking back on them, we both look so different, we were so young back then. We never ever intended to become 'Youtubers', it just sort of happened. The fact that we got to visit America because of it, and see and do all these amazing things, and meet the American people that watch our videos was overwhelming. It's funny where life takes you isn't it? We stayed holding hands, drifting off slowly.

Our plane landed in Amsterdam and, feeling confident around the airport, we found the transfer flight and hopped on board. 40 minutes later, we were back in England. And it wasn't even that freezing! Rose was saying how tired she was but I actually felt really perky. We sat and drank a Costa coffee and waited for her Dad to come and pick us up.

When he arrived, he could NOT stop laughing about my boarding pass incident! After everything we did in America I had forgot about it, but he was almost crying laughing about how much I panicked thinking I wouldn't get on the plane!! He asked me if I was tired and I declared that I was in NO WAY tired and that in fact I planned to get home and started finishing my diary blog that I needed to upload.

As soon as I got in the car though, it was a different story, and I fell asleep straight away, with my mouth open, much to the amazement of Rose and her Dad. The next thing I remember was Rose's Dad saying loudly “We're here!” and I woke up with a jump realising we were right by our house! After helping us with our luggage, Rose's Dad hugged us goodbye and left us to fall into bed for the next 4 hours.

England, we love you just as much as America, we just hate your weather!

Thanks for reading my final instalment of my diary blog guys! I know it was late, but hey, better late than never right! Please subscribe to my blog and follow on bloglovin, and leave a cheeky comment if you want to!

Love you guys!!



  1. You can write babe :) enjoy your blogs babe :) xx

  2. As the southern Americans would say, "Y'all come back now, ya hear."

    Except when you do come back, make sure you come to Los Angeles. ;) You think you enjoyed New York's weather? You'll love ours. It's always sunny here. (Seriously, we're in a drought)

  3. Amazing blog Rosie!! Thank u so much for taking the time to write it, it always makes me sooo happy!!!! I'm so happy for you and Rose :) we love u soo much <3<3 you're a talented writer xxx

  4. Glad you enjoyed New York ... Come back to America soon there are a load of cities you both need to visit.

  5. It sounds like a fairy tale, and by 'it' I mean the story in which you and Rose are the main characters. Keep loving each other, and keep sharing because I love to read fairy tales!

  6. Wow it sounds so incredible, Rosie ajd Rose :') Through your amazing Blogposts it feels like that we travelled with you to NY, you are such an amazing writer and YouTuber, Rosie, so is Rose! <3 Thank you

  7. I could read your diary forever Rosie! You have an exquisite way to write, there's nothing better than this and a cup of coffe. I absolutely love it all the entries, it was like we were with you guys in New a york. I felt I was visiting all those lovely places with you two, the way you describe things make us imagine everything so clear. :)

    Loved every bit, that day on the boat was wow, and it's so cool you found such lovely friends there. :) also, when you talked about being on the plane talking, holding hands, so romantic, listening to the music, looking back to all the amazing things you lived in New York. I'm just so happy for you guys. Rose and you make a lot of us happy with your vids so you so deserve all the nice things happening to you two. :)

    Thanks again for sharing this amazing experiences with all of us, love you both lots! <3<

  8. I read this at a stretch.....,.i am so sad it was the final diary blog. I love your writing your thinking style sosooooo much. And looking forward to your book published soon!

  9. i love ur blogs rosie cant wait til ur books out il buy it u should publish ur blogs 4 a book 2 love u rosie & rose <3 ;)

  10. It's so great reading about your NY experiences. I found myself grinning with happiness reading your blog. Your writing style is so good, it flows really well and is very easy to read.

  11. Wow. What a fun last day. Kudos to your friend Lindsay for aiding in your New York adventure. So glad you two had such a great and fun and happy experience on your travel. And as always, thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait so see whatcha got next.

  12. This is so romantic and I cried thinking that I am so single... T.T

  13. The Ed Sheeran part is so romantic. And yeah. I remembered your old videos wherein both of you are SO loud. So young. Specially you Rosie. From the girl with ginger hair, pink hair even. Then to this blonde babe with so much talent in writing.. It puts a smile on my face everytime. It felt like we (both of you and all of us boobies) are all in this wonderful journey together. Thanks for letting us be a part of it! xx

  14. Dear Rosie, what have I enjoyed your travelogues in NY. Thank you very much that you have chosen as detailed to tell about what you've been through. I'm really of you come to love. Laugh me broken, to your you tube videos. And find it more than a nice to read you blog spots. What a great way of writing you have. By you is my English more advanced. (thick wink)
    I hope there is a possibility, if you guys are in Amstedam, to meet you.
    Big hug and kiss from Netherlands

  15. Really romantic end so glad you had a brilliant time in New York This blog has been a pleasure to read hope you do more blogs on your future adventures

  16. I'm so glad that you guys had such a good time! You two are absolutely adorable. Even if you didn't have any reason for making videos in the beginning, you've made such a big impact on so many people and all of us fans love you guys so much. This diary has been so fun to read and I can't wait to see more videos!! Come back to the US soon :)

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  18. Rosie, I have just loved reading your NYC blog. Please keep on writing; I can't wait to read your book, so in the meantime, please keep on blogging about your adventures with Rose. Your relationship with Rose is a wonderful, loving story. I am so happy that you joined with Rose to film YouTube videos.

  19. I'm really curious which Sam Smith song it is now. Can't believe you ladies watched the OC too!

  20. I don't have much to say...I am speechless. Only that I am so proud of Rose and Rosie for what you have accomplished so far...I expect loads success in the future.....hugs and kisses from SoCal.

  21. I was in your country while you were in mine! I loved England so much, and feel sort of sentimental about it the way you and Rose seem to feel about New York and the U.S. In general. So glad you loved your trip!

  22. My dear Rosie, when you joke about OC "only you didn't meet an accident" well I'm super glad you didn't!!! Where would I be if you and Rose don't exist and I haven't ACCIDENTALLY discovered her you tube channel! Thanks honey! You're the most exciting crazy,unpredictable and very passionate and expressive person I have ever PERVED online! Thanks hon!

  23. You are a very talented writer Rosie :) I felt like I was reading a chic-flick novel, and the only different is, yours isn't a fairytale, it's a true story :D Keep RedRawr-ing us please! Thank you for the lovely blog posts and youtube videos! XD

  24. Hey Rosie, I am one of your recent subscriber on youtube and have watched all of your and Rose's videos multiple times already. I just couldn't get enough of you guys so kept searching for more content or fanclips and such things but remembered from a video that you write blogs and I immediately googled it. I am so glad I did. I love reading; and since I am reading your old posts I do not have to wait for an update, so when I read your 5 day blog whilst you were in New York. I felt like I was watching New York through you. I googled every place you have been to and added it to my to do list when I visit New York. The way you have written the sad parts of your blogs I cried every time.. at the wedding dress shopping, Ground Zero, Museum and the last bit on plane and after landing in England.. I am torn. I love reading your blogs, they cover more detail than your videos.. and its fun seeing them again after reading kinda back story to it.. Also, waiting for your book to release this year. Lots of best wishes and love xoxo
    I am off to watching your New York videos now ;)

  25. Hi Rosie! I have recently started reading you blogs and OMG! I am hooked! You are such an amazing writer. I just finished reading you 'NY Diary' and now I HAVE to go to America !!

    I have also been watching a few of your crazy vlogs with Rose, you both crack me up! Best cure for a bad day at work, I've found. You turn my frown upside down every time. I'm sure you both hear this ALL the time, but you a truly are wonderful people and I am sure I speak for millions of people when I say, THANK YOU for being so bold, honest, truthfully and courageous enough to share so much of your lives with all of us.

    && CONGRATULATIONS on getting hitched !! :D Wishing you both all the best for the future ! X

    P.S You should ABSOLUTELY put Australia on your LONG list of places to visit !! :)

  26. I felt so warm and happy afr reading ur blogs..... thx for sharing hapiness!!!

  27. I felt so warm and happy afr reading ur blogs..... thx for sharing hapiness!!!

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