Monday, 1 September 2014

My New York Diary Blog - #DayFive

Today we woke up really really early, and once again, I was up before the alarm, lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling, eager for the room service breakfast, and to enjoy the day. Each day had been so different and exciting and I couldn't wait to get started.  I waited for Rose's alarm to go off and encouraged her to get up and ready.

Today we had planned to go to The Hamptons and stay the night there with a friend, enjoying the sunshine and doing the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, but complications arose and the plan fell through. But that was fine, it certainly wasn't going to stop us enjoying our last full day in the beautiful city! We had realllllyy wanted to go to The Hamptons but there were also other tourist attractions and other places we had so desperately wanted to see but didn't have time to squeeze in. So missing The Hamptons was actually a blessing as we got to see so much more of NY than we had originally planned.

We ordered room service, pancakes with fruit for Rose, and a broken egg and bacon toasted sandwich for me, but we always share our meals, so we had a bit of both. It was gorgeous combining my savoury toastie with her maple syrup and blackberries on pancakes. Rose and I had enjoyed room service breakfast every single morning and every morning had never failed to tell each other how much we could get used to having breakfast made for us, and how delicious it was. Rose and I have greedy people living within us. We LOVE our food. We looked out of the window, gazing down at Times Square, relishing the view as tomorrow would be our final day. Rose passed me some pancakes, I slurped my tea and we got out a map we'd been given on the first day at the hotel (must have been the English accents) and started to map out where we wanted to go.

I had been dying to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. A good friend of ours, who is England born but currently living with her Visa and working in Cali highly recommended us to cross over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, and seek out a place called Jane's Carousel. Apparently, this was our friends favourite place in the entire world. Our friend also is a lesbian and has a SUPER hot girlfriend so, knowing that she had EXQUISITE taste, I was seriously keen to find this place, and see whether it would become MY favourite place in the world. Although, so far, nowhere has been better than the Empire State Building.
We finished up all we could eat, but left tonnes on the plate. I had noticed that the breakfast was served on a plate the same size as the dinner plates we had eaten off some evenings. The portions over there are stupid. As much as I so badly wanted to eat it all, because I KNEW I would become hungry later, I could never finish my plate.

So we decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge, and realised that was extremely close to the Freedom Tower and Ground Zero. Rose had already been to Ground Zero back in 2008 but it had looked extremely different back then. There was no Freedom Tower, perhaps a bit of preparation to build it and a whole lot of concrete and space. I was excited to see the memorial fountains in real life, not just on a google image search. I was sure the sheer scale and beauty of them would blow me away. However, taking into account how many tears I'd already shed on this trip thus far, I had to tell Rose that I KNEW I would get upset, thinking about 9/11. So we planned to go to the freedom tower, see the fountains then cross Brooklyn Bridge. Done.

Looking at the map and seeing where Brooklyn Bridge was in comparison to where we were in Times Square, it looked like it would be a cab fare of over $100. We did convert some money into dollars that we needed to spend and I did really want to see the bridge. We decided we would walk to 5th Avenue to see the Flatiron Building - which is the building in the Spider Man films called The Daily Bugle - where Peter Parker works as a photographer. We agreed we'd walk there, see how much further we could walk, then hail a cab when we got tired, saving us a bit of dollar.

I grabbed my handbag, and some essentials, suncream (it was BLOODY BOILING for an English girl!!) moisturiser, bottle of water, map, watch, camera, hotel key and we set off.
We REALLY didn't get very far, and I mean, we didn't even get out of Times Square, or even that far away from our hotel before we got drawn in towards the absolutely MASSIVE Toys R Us. A lady took a photo of us as soon as we walked in, like they do on rides at Theme Parks! We walked around hand in hand, looking at the Hello Kittys and the awesome gadgets. I saw a foam fish that you put in water and it comes to life and swims. I leaned over and said to Rose "We are taking our future children here at Christmas!" And Rose said "Can you IMAGINE?"

And THEN that's when I spotted the JURRASIC PARK SECTION. We ran over to the life sized electronic dinosaur that was looking around, moving his reptile eyes, slitting them and roaring, moving his little T Rex claws. It was AMAZING, it looked like he looked right at us, and even as adults who know he is completely unreal it was a little chilling. Rose and I were chatting about how huge dinosaurs were and how small we are now in comparison - crazy. It blows my mind to think of a world with dinosuars roaming around and I love it. It's something that has always fascinated me.

After making some fond memories and a few selfies with T Rex, we headed out and started walking towards 5th Avenue. It was BOILING and because we had dressed for a car journey to The Hamptons, I was wearing leggings and a strappy top. Which would have been fine if they're weren't JET BLACK. I was soaking up the heat and could feel myself burning. We ducked into a Starbucks for a drink and shade. The aircon in every building was a dream come true but also a massive shock to me, as there is zero air con ever in England. We just don't need it! Rose ordered a vanilla iced coffee and I actually ordered a chai tea latte. Everyone knows a hot drink cools you down. We slurped and chatted and walked down the huge pavements.

The first thing we came to was the New York Public Library. A lot of the buildings I was noticing I was recognising from Gossip Girl, something Lindsay and Kathleen and I had in common. Rose had simply been to New York before and also, knows her stuff. We posed for some photos and this guy just came up to Rose while I was taking photos and said "Can I be in the picture with you?" I think she made a new friend!!

We carried on walking until we found the flatiron. Since googling it I've found out that it is one of the most photographed buildings in the entire world!! Which makes me feel special because I took photos of it. Also, I'd watched Spider Man 2 on the plane on the journey over so some of the buildings were fresh in my mind.

We walked through Madison Square Park - it was sweet. There was even a little doggy playground!! We carried on walking because we both felt fine. We were sad we weren't at the beach because it was the hottest day but we were really glad we got to explore the city by ourselves - it was incredibly romantic. I love people watching - New York had some seriously interesting characters walking round. We took in the buildings, held hands, laughed and kissed. I loved being able to hug, kiss and grope Rose but still feel absolutely invisible to the rest of the world. Something I would never feel comfortable doing in London, or even in my town. Not one person looked at me funny. That. Felt. GREAT. It felt so great I can't even put it down into words. But it was just special, walking around being in love with Rose and feeling 100% normal and safe. BLISS.

We carried on walking until we arrived in Union Square, where we ducked into another starbucks. We weren't able to turn our internet or data roaming on (unless we wanted a mahooosive charge) so we had to rely on wifi. Whilst we were walking around it suddenly dawned on Rose - she had told her Dad to pick us up at the airport on the wrong day. We ran in and emailed him and also messaged Rose's sister to make sure he got the message. She sent us photos of her new sofa and painting she'd bought for her new house and we swapped stories about what we were all up to. We chatted with Laura for a bit then slurped up our drinks and headed back out into the crippling sunshine.

Seriously. The sun. It was beating down on us and as I said earlier, I WAS WEARING ALL BLACK. Rose spotted a pet shop and she dragged me in. She wanted to see if they sold cats and dogs in the shop, something that we don't allow in England. It was lovely and air conditioned inside, so we ran around trying to find all the animals. We asked a person working there who told us that the dogs were only in store once a week, but there were cats, which we rushed over to, to play with. On the one hand, I was quite shocked to see three or more cats in one cage like that and I didn't like it and felt horrible seeing them. But then the lady working there explained that this is sort of a good thing, as it instantly gets the cats used to other cats. Which I understand, if you are buying a cat and bringing it home to other cats, after being in a cage with three of them, the cat may adjust a little easier. She also told us that the cats would grow up to be good with people, as they have many people come in a day to pet them and maybe buy them. I could see that all the cats were happy to engage and play with me but I still prefer the way we do it in England!

We continued our journey down towards soho, when a girl started calling our names. She had been charging her phone in a shop and spotted us and ran out for a photo. We snapped a few pictures and asked her where was best to eat. She told us to keep walking to soho and it was filled with restaurants and bars, so we kept walking!However, I'm not sure if we quite got to soho before we spotted a chipotle and dived right in! Rose and I had never had a chipotle before, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about. We ordered water, burritoes, chips and MASSIVE lemonades and sat there munching. Honestly, I was NOT impressed by chipotle, I don't see why people rave about it. But I really enjoyed my ice cold bitter lemonade. We gathered up our things and agreed we'd had enough of walking - let's get in a cab. We literally walked straight out of Chipotle and I held out my arm and a cab came straight over. We hopped in and told him to take us to Ground Zero!

We took in the view of Soho as we drove through, it looked a lot like London to me, it was getting more hip, people wearing some really great outfits, walking around in their wedges and heels with their sunglasses on, sucking on their starbucks straws. Our cab pulled up and the driver must have took a liking to our English accents - and sat and gave us loads of directions and advice of how to get to the Brooklyn Bridge from Ground Zero and how to get to the fountains. We had a quick chat then headed out on foot.

As soon as we stepped out of the cab we could see the Freedom Tower and started snapping photographs. It was so hard to get a decent photo of it, because the sun was out in full force and the entire building is covered in a reflective glass. I was just getting a giant blurry glowing thing on my phone! We moved into the shade, trying to hide from the sun and get the entirety of the Freedom Tower into the shot, attempting to translate it's awesomeness in reality onto the screen of our phone. Despite the beautiful photos I got, nothing compares to standing there and leaning back to take in the full scale of the tower. It was breathtaking. Rose and I started walking around the World Trade Centre Station to get to the memorial fountains, still taking photos of the Freedom Tower from all the different angles. Rose was talking to me about how the Freedom Tower wasn't built yet when she'd last visited Ground Zero in 2008. We'd discussed it with Lindsay a few days earlier, about how they'd built it and the spire hadn't been added until 2013, and how it took years and years to build. I didn't realise it would reflect the sky so perfectly, like water without ripples. Everyone walking past it was craning their heads to see it, not looking where they were walking but instead looking up at the tower. I later found out through research that the tower's height is 1,776 feet, to represent the year 1776 in which American gained Independance, aka July 4th Independance Day. It still makes me feel overwhelmed and emotional thinking about it, but I think that is a fantastic touch, and truly makes it the Freedom Tower, for it to not only be rebuilt after the devastation and for the One World Trade Centre to continue through the Freedom Tower, but also for it to symbolise America's Independence. I just couldn't get my head around how America just built something so beautiful and carried on. The tower is more than hopeful, it's truly inspiring.

As we walked around the corner, that's when we spotted one of the fountains. I don't remember talking much when we saw them, just that I said "wow" and we silently made our way over through the crowds of people, and leaned over the side of the fountain to take a look.

Firstly we were sort of quiet, murmuring a few questions I had to Rose and just taking it in, tracing peoples names with my fingertips. We quickly realised each fountain was so huge it couldn't fit into an entire photo, so Rose panned the camera round to capture the scale and took some panoramic shots. She made sure she captured everything on her professional camera and not just on her phone. I knew I would get emotional and upset when I saw the fountains, how could I not? I got upset when I went up the Empire State Building, when I saw Rose in her dress, when we saw The Lion King, so I knew I'd be overwhelmed. But I didn't realise just HOW much it would affect me and I started crying. I was actually really embarrassed so I was trying to sort myself out but I was really really upset. I just couldn't stop thinking about how the water looked SO beautiful. In the light of the sun, the water was twinkling like hundreds of tiny stars cascading down the black stone and deep down to the unseen bottom. And I just kept thinking this is perfect to remember the victims, it is so so incredibly stunning. The twinkling sort of showed that their light shone on. Also I liked the way the water was flowing endlessly, like it will always continue, they will NEVER be forgotton. It was absolutely breathtaking and thinking about it now is making me well up. I was embarrassed that I cried but I'm still teary now. I think that because I was only 11 years old when 9/11 happened, although I completely understood the gravity of the situation, and I felt a sadness for so many lives needlessly lost, because I was so young I never thought about the details of it. I never thought about the bystanders who weren't harmed but had to watch helplessly as people fell to their deaths. I couldn't imagine the amount of chaos and panic that would have been created, the years of grieving by so many individuals, how the smoke was so thick people couldn't even see the towers falling. As an adult, who has loved people and lost people, I have felt the pain of losing one special person, I couldn't imagine the pain of an entire nation grieving, for everyone to be lost at once. The most upsetting thing was the names of the expectant mothers who had lost their lives, that say "and her unborn child" next to them.

I learned so much about the fountains. I learned that the fact that the fountains are technically huge holes in the ground, is meant to symbolize the loss of life and the physical void left by the attacks. I learned that they are the largest manmade waterfalls in the United States at 1 acre each. The sound of the waterfall was purposefully designed to drown out the noise of the city life and create a contemplative sanctuary, which it definitely did. I also learned that the people desiging the fountains had worked hard to place the names of the fallen victims next to their co-workers and friends. In 2006 when the name arrangment was finalized it was declared that "Your loved ones' names are surrounded by the names of those they sat with, those they worked with, those they lived with and, very possibly, those they died with." How incredible that the people who worked on the fountains were able to take the time to ensure that even the names of the victims had the comfort of being surrounded by their friends.

I wiped away my tears and Rose was rubbing my back, asking if I was ok. She pulled me away after a while, I don't know how long we were taking it in, we'd lost track of time. She asked me what I wanted to do but I was in sort of a weird mood after thinking about such devastating things happening. I wasn't exactly in a hilarious, entertaining mood. It was way to hot to attempt to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge I could feel the tops of my shoulders burning and my handbag was really annoying me as the strap was resting on my sunburn and was aggravating me. Rose said "Why don't we go into the museum? I've always wanted to see it, it wasn't there when I last came" so we walked over to buy our tickets and join the line. Rose told me that she knew some of the money that goes into the museum like the money from buying tickets to get in goes to the families of the victims and just to good causes surrounding taking care of the people and involved. Which I thought was nice, that my ticket money could help people. We were queuing for 20 minutes, we bought our ticket at 2.30 and the line went in at like 10 minutes to the hour. We were burning so badly so we were putting our leaflets we were given about the museum over our heads trying to protect ourselves from the sun. Eventually, the line started moving and we filtered into the museum which was blissfully air conditioned.

When we went in, the first thing I saw looked like airport security - people taking off their jackets and handbags and putting them in trays to go through those little x ray machines to check there was nothing naughty in your bag. It frightened me a little bit, that the museum could be a target. We got through security and went upstairs because a short film was about to start. We sat down and turned our phones off out of respect and watched.

The video featured George Bush and the Mayor of New York at the time of 9/11 and some other important people involved, talking about what happened from first hand experience. They also spoke about The Pentgon and Flight 93. It was extremely moving, with loads of photos of all the people who witnessed the twin towers falling, and their faces, the tears and the shock. We all stood up and filtered out of the room after the film ended and started walking through the museum.

I really can't write too much more about the museum because we didn't really speak much, just walked around and took it in. I was asking Rose about Flight 93 and about the people on it and Rose told me that some of the passangers had been able to make calls home and tell their parents they loved them and that were on a hijacked plane and I just burst into tears again, thinking about my own parents and their pain if that were to happen to me. I really can't write anymore about it.

A while later we somberly left the museum and back into the sunshine, but the mood was just so so sad. We considered several times whether we should just get a cab back to the hotel, it felt horrible being there after listening and reading about everything that happened. I said to Rose that I had really wanted to visit the bridge and perhaps it would cheer us up somewhat. We checked out the map and walked slowly in the general direction of the bridge in a kind of funk. Then Lindsay called, she was chatting to us and saying we might go for dinner later and asking us what we were doing and we talked to her about the museum and everything. Hearing her be so normal, and she was a New Yorker who lived there, relaxed and calmed us down a bit I think. I felt myself perk up slightly while she was on the phone, hearing her voice and talking about Serendipity and everything we'd done. It made me feel better. Lindsay hadn't been in New York when it had happened, but she was a person, with feelings, and an American person at that. She was also slightly older when it happened too. But she sounded fine and that made me feel calm. Rose and I have said many a time that we are seriously sponges, because we soak everyone else's mood up. If someone is sad we pick it up and feel sad. If we're next to someone excited, we get excited. I think it's a great thing, as when we are together, we are both so naturally good humoured and happy we spur each other on and create fantastic energy. But if we have an argument or put us in a tense situation and we just crack. It's a failing we both should work on! We asked a policeman how to get to the bridge and again, the accents helped. Either that or everyone is SERIOUSLY polite and flirty ALL the time haha. We cut through a park and arrived at the entrance to walk over Brooklyn Bridge.

It was busy, people were swarming, I was sunburnt and I needed the loo a bit. But we were determined to go to the middle and take in the view. We were shattered and sweaty and had walked so far. We agreed to make it halfway across, into the middle, enjoy the moment then walk back to the same side we were on and hail a cab home - no matter how much it would cost!!

So we started walking. Not that far in, a Bride on her wedding day, holding hands with her Groom and her other hand held high with her bouquet up in the air walked past - garter on show, cheeky smile on her face. Her bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party followed. I thought that was awesome - to cross the bridge as a married woman. Definitely a cool idea. And what crazy wedding photos! We kept going and I started noticing peoples name's carved and drawn into the sides, and padlocks with peoples names on padlocked to the bridge - romantic. As. FUCK. I love that stuff I really do. I also saw a garter hanging up with a date on but it wasn't the current date and the bride was still wearing hers - shame, it would have been cool for her to leave it on the bridge but perhaps she had other ideas. We reached the middle and soaked up the view, and also the victory, we'd finally done it! The one thing I'd most wanted to do on our trip.
I preferred one side of the bridge for the view, Rose preferred the other, but we took equal amount of photos of both sides, and a couple of selfies. I took one photo of Rose I thought was absolutely beautiful. We tried to get some together so we could blow them up and put them in a frame when we got home but they just WEREN'T happening. Have you ever had a time where you try to take a selfie and you just look crap in every photo? I think we were just tired. I had to take a photo of us kissing though. Years and years ago when I was 16 on an end of school trip to Paris, I got a picture of me and my longterm boyfriend kissing up the Eiffel Tower. Years on, I now wanted a kissing picture on the Brooklyn Bridge with my fiance. Perfect.

We did some vlogging and hung out for a bit then headed back, shattered. The walk back seemed easier than the walk there. People were riding past on bikes and I was super jealous because I'd walked so much. Finally, we got to the end and hailed a cab.

The cab ride home was not only air conditioned with an awesome chatty guy in but it was also ten zillion times cheaper than we had originally thought. Rose was like "Why did we think it would come to $100? It came to like $10?" and we were almost crying with laughter thinking about how far we walked and how stupid we were and we could have just got a cab. I was glad we walked though. Going on foot meant I took in so much more of New York. Rose took out our map and marked all the places where we had walked and I said "I am KEEPING that map everyone will be so impressed with how far we walked" and Rose was like "Wait until we tell Lindsay!"

We got dropped off outside our hotel and took the crazy bubble lift up to the 16th floor to our room. As soon as we got in we were starving. We honestly for a second considered going BACK to Serendipity for a second night in a row it had been THAT good. But we were so tired so we decided on room service - Bloody Marys and Meatballs again. We ended our last night in New York with the exact meal as when we had first arrived. Awesome.

I soaked in the bath for a while, trying to rest my legs until room service arrived, then I wrapped up in the duvet and my nightie and turned on the television. We hadn't watched the television at all since we'd been here because we'd been so busy but our internet hadn't been working since the day before so I couldn't upload my blog! I couldn't tweet, Facebook my Mum (which I did every day while I was in NY apart from the last 2) go on Tumblr, it sucked! But amazingly, that evening, The Emmys were on! We don't have The Emmys in England so that was cool! We got drunk on our ridiculously strong Bloody Marys and sat in bed, warm and snuggly, watching people win the awards. The Emmys was entertaining but I must be honest I'm not too sure on American Television at all.

After The Emmys, we had bathed and filled our tummies and it was time for bed. This would be our last night on that glorious king sized heaven!! Rose and I snuggled up, wondering what we were going to do with Lindsay the next day before we caught our flight and slowly drifted off after a truly overwhelming and exhausting day.

Hope you like my blogpost guys! I know it got super serious for a while but how can I write about something so sad? I can't make that happy for you guys, I'm so sorry but there was nothing happy I could say. I hope you're still loving my New York Diary Blog - the next entry is my final entry! But stay tuned because it's an awesome one - Rose and I go on a boat adventure!! Love you all my boobies and please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog, or follow me on bloglovin! Xxxxxxx


  1. Amazing blog Rosie!! xxx everything about this blog is just so heart-warming, your style, the photos... this is just amazing <3 reading your blog always makes me so happy xxx tc love you and Rose sooo much xxx

  2. It sounds like it was an unbelievably moving experience. You are such a talented writer i've so enjoyed reading your diary posts (and rest of your blog) i cant wait for the next one (i just wish it wasnt the last!!) xx

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog.. It was so touching, while I'm reading it I had teary eyed.. It was so much fun!! Keep it!! :)

  4. This was so interesting! I used to live in New York with my first girlfriend! It was like being back there reading that! I'm deffo gunna read more of your blogs in the future! :) nice work Rosie! xxx

  5. I was moved to tears also! Which I really wasn't expecting!

  6. Thank you Rosie, I cried. But it's a good cried. Thank you for tak I no the time. Love you both dearly. What were your thoughts about American television?

  7. Your writing style so effortlessly conveys your emotion, it really creates such an inviting voice and undertone. It's always an easy read.
    Thanks for sharing, Rosie. Xx

  8. This is one of the most detailed travel blog i've ever read! I really felt like i was there with you the whole time. I felt as happy, excited and even sad as you were just by reading your stories. I just love every single bit! Really good job rosie! ��������❤️❤️❤️ You and rosie are such wonderful people! Keep doing what you do guys! Hahah our lives are happier with you guys in it! Xoxo --karen

  9. Another great blog entry Rosie! Sad the New York posts are coming to an end but excited to see whats coming up next :)

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  11. Reading your blogs makes me feel like I'm there! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time in new york and thank you for sharing it with us xxx

  12. I love reading these blog posts so much! :) they are filled with such great detail, can't wait for the next one!

  13. Rosie, thank you for sharing your travel experience with " the world " ! I just can't have enough of these ineffable stories. I am a foreigner -living in Taiwan- so sometimes it's hard for me to understand all the details you and Rose said in your hilarious videos on Youtube. However, with the help of your blogs, at these I can try my best to understand you by looking up those words I don't know in the dictionary : ) I think it's the most wonderful way to learn English! Whenever I have free time, I just can't help reading your amazing blogs. Thanks again for bringing so much joy and positive energy to my life! I love you ~

  14. I was looking at the scroll bar the entire time as I was hoping your post will not end soon. 9/11 was really a sad moment not only for America but for the entire planet Earth. I was the same age as you are when it happened and I remember watching it from TV and I had goosebumps all over my body thinking why all this chaos is happening. I reckon I would cry my eyes out too if I were to set foot on Ground Zero.
    Thank you for sharing all of this to us. Your writing is so great. I live miles away but every time I read your posts, it feels like I am in the same picture. The way you describe things and surroundings.. it seems like you are taking all of us together with you. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH ROSIE. Thanks for taking me to New York without getting in on a plane. :)

  15. It's huge work. I finished it by two parts. Part1 is before the ground zero . I was going to skip the second half part because I don't want to be upset.And now I am in a weird mood as you were when I read it. Am i a sponge too!? You really did a good job! Love your blogs and wait your book next year. Good luck and wish u and Rose happy

  16. This is actually amazing, I just reread it 3 times and I can feel really upset every time when you hit the 9/11 part, that is something hard to do, that's what great writers do.

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  19. I got lost in this blog Rosie, felt I was there. Chills at your description of ground zero. Definitely a captivating writer!

  20. Rosie, your NYC blogs just keep getting better and better. This is the best one yet. Please don't apologize that this one was sad; you were just reporting your true feelings at the time. Your writing was so clear and pure, that I felt sad along with you. Thank you for reporting your NYC adventures to all us boobies-we all love you and Rose all the more for doing this for us.

  21. Bummer that you missed out on your beach day, because that sounds pretty freaking fantastic. Glad you two had a plan B, though. Exploring the city, THAT city, on foot sounds amazing. Seems like you got the feel of that ambiance first hand. Although it seems like it was tough for you to reminisce, thank you for sharing your experience with the Freedom Tower, the fountains, and museum. It was emotionally touching. As scorcher of a day it was and that you're probably all sweating and two look so pretty and so happy in your photos. And that makes me happy :) Thank you so much for always sharing.

    P.S. Friends don't let friends eat at chipotle. No.

  22. Beautifully written blog. Ground zero is heartbreaking hard not to be upset by all that happened on that day

  23. Glad you guys could appreciate 9-11. I was alerted early morning - told there was an attack. I jumped out of bed and saw on tv what everyone else saw - planes flying into buildings - an attack on US soil! Never been done before this! I was soo scared, thinking that the next plane would wipe us out. I remember hugging my husband and telling him that I loved him, crying, thinking this will all be over. - it was the worst feeling ever!!
    When the movie "Signs" came out - the dad told the little girl about the day she was born = I sob every time cuz it reminds me of 9=11!

  24. You r totally a good writer rosie..u make me wanna go to america so badly..n I love every piece of ur is inspiring and from malaysia..

  25. Thank you for the detailed story, I'm saving this for my trip in November! Do you mind sharing how much did you spent? My boyfriend and I are trying to travel on the cheap, so we are looking for a cheap hotel, some public transportation deal and a bit of advice where to eat. I've been doing my research on but I'd appreciate a bit of first-hand information.

    1. Ohh, and I forgot mentioning, they are great for restaurants but I've heard that restaurant owners hire people to write nice things. And the other was, for some reason my link didn't appear.

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