Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sleek Palette: i-Divine

I've discovered a brand new product I have fallen in love with. I recently went shopping with the aim of buying the Naked 3 palette after lots of you guys asked me to review it for you. But I was mighty upset when I discovered that the Boots where I live has got rid of the Urban Decay Brand (upsetting - Urban Decay has always been a personal fave) and the Superdrug where I live (there are two) does not stock them either. I wanted to get some more eye shadows but I wanted to branch out into trying something new and experimenting with more colour. So this is what I came home with - Sleek i-Divine. I went for a Palette chocked full of colour - all matte, as I was trying to avoid my usual sparkly look. Rose also picked up a colourful Sleek palette as we both wanted a change. But she went for a limited edition called Sleek Rio. (Similar - but more sparkles.)

We went for Sleek because their eye shadows are heavily pigmented. Which means the colours last for a long time and a little goes a long way. I am more than impressed with this product. The colours are so vibrant! I've never looked so tropical - every eye shadow look I wear looks like a tasty cocktail! I would definitely recommend this to anybody trying some new looks!

Below I am wearing yellow and orange colours. I think it looks like a sex on the beach! I will be uploading a video on this palette very soon with a few other brand new products I am impressed with.


I hope you enjoyed the quick taster of this palette and I have plenty of tutorials and product reviews lined up for you soon! xxxx



  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I've been admiring your and Rosie's eyeshadow so much lately and was wondering about the brand. I hope it's available in the US as well! <3 :)

  2. ur eyes are gorgeous ur last video "q & a" urs & roses eyes were simply gorgeous love u rosie & rose <3 ;)

  3. URBAN DECAY is the BOMB,but this I-Devine SLEEK Palette looks AWSOME as wee since it offers a wide variety of STRIKING COLOURS really good to go with the SUMMER Sun Kissed LOOK...LOVE the PEACH/YELLOW/orange EYESHADOW blend u have done on your eyelids giving a very BOLD and BEAUTIFUL eye look...P.S after watching your LATEST VIDEO I realized that U LOOK PERFECT with OR without makeup,your EYES and SMILE does the tTRICK more than the makeup..adore and respect u and ROSE forever!

  4. This looks fantastic on you and Rose! I have to admit though that the color palette intimidates me a bit because I have darker skin.

  5. I've been wearing coloured eyeshadow for nearly a year now and I have really wanted a palette more vibrant and longer lasting! For some reason I never took notice of Sleek so I am so happy that you have found this colour palette, so thank you!!!

  6. Never liked bright colors on me but I might have to give this a go the colors look nice on you! X

    1. I think you should try it out Liv, get Mel to try on you;)

  7. I love these colours, I've always been a fan of the naked 3 pallete and I loveeeee itttt but I'm excited to try out brighter makeup. My girlfriend and I are going to head into boots tomorrow and pick up a sleek pallete each, I'm going between the Rio Rio and snapshots at the moment:3


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