Friday, 29 August 2014

My New York Diary Blog #DayFour

Every single day we woke up in New York, I woke up before the alarm. Which is a first for me! I think my body was so excited to wake up and experience Every. Single. Moment. So we woke up at around 8.00am and started to get ready.

Before we left to go to NY we had hundreds of merch orders from our store to get through. Literally, in the last two days before we left, we rushed to ship 180 orders. My brother came over from Reading and we stayed up till 3.00AM making sure everything was packaged and posted so no-one would be left waiting while we were away. There was one girl called April who we wanted to ship her merch but she was in-between addresses at the moment. But Rose and I knew she would be at the Macy's Shopping Party Meet and Greet so we had actually packed her merch to take with us – but when we met her at the event realised we had totally forgot it!

April is a huge fan, she always comments on my blog, on our videos, tweets us and is just so dedicated. We wanted to have a bit more time with her anyway to say thank you for being so awesome and we needed to give her the merch she ordered, so we decided to meet up with her while we were both still in NY. I twitter messaged her with a time and place to meet her while Rose and I ordered breakfast from room service. It was an amazing cheesy omelette – my lactose intolerance left stayed in England while I was on this trip. I didn't want to miss out on amazing food while I was away so I told Rose I would get back on the dairy free wagon when I was home, and tucked into this massive cheese filled delicious omelette.

We got dressed, I was wearing the white cut out dress that Rose had worn the night before, and Rose in a black strappy dress – the weather was boiling. We'd been forecast rain back in England but over here was just getting hotter and hotter – perfect for a holiday.

We went down in the lift, which I haven't even told you about yet – we were staying on the 16th floor and had to take these huge transparent bubble lifts each day. My stomach lurched up into my mouth every time we took them, they traveled so fast and I could see the floors whizzing by and I never stopped feeling excited and a little bit sick by it.

We went down and met April by Juniors, this restaurant that Lindsay told us did excellent Banana Pudding. Unfortunately, we never had time to eat there, but maybe next time. We walked over to April and realised duh! We had forgot the merch AGAIN! We just took her up to our room at the hotel and told her not to tell anyone where we were staying!

We wanted to spend time with April but we also had to meet Lindsay at a certain time outside the huge Apple Store on 5th. So we decided to chat with her as we made our (clueless) way over to meet Lindsay and the girls. We chatted about everything – asking April about her family and her girlfriends and tattoos and where she was staying and moving to. It was really cool, I love getting a different perspective on life. On the way we used the English accents to our advantage and asked people for directions. I feel like people with English accents (especially girls!) get treated very nicely in NY.

We walked for ages and then finally spotted Lindsay, Kath and friends sat by a fountain chilling. We said goodbye to April, who left to meet new friends she'd met at the meet and greet to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge – something we planned on doing on the trip too!

We said hi to all the girls and grabbed a drink from Starbucks. Then we headed over to central park.

On the way we went past The Plaza, which Rose recognised from Home Alone 2. We all went in, walking around the little Eloise bit at the bottom. I never knew about Eloise and neither did Rose – So Lindsay and the ladies educated us, that Eloise was a six year old girl who lived in The Plaza and had all these adventures, who was in a children's book and film. Everything Eloise related was pink and fluffy and cute. I considered buying some of her stuff for my younger sister, but realised that she was too old for it now. Then we went to the restaurant downstairs and bought Lindsay a little banana and Nutella cupcake – for her birthday. We'd been to the party but her Birthday was the next day. We told her she could eat it in the park. We walked out of The Plaza and there were tonnes of horse and carriage rides, really colourful with feathers in the horses hair. I saw a person dressed up as the statue of liberty and as much as Rose protested, I MADE her come with me and get a photograph. The lady liberty wrapped me in a the American flag and put a crown on our heads and gave Rose a touch of freedom and we post for photos (the tipped her 2 dollars!)

We walked on chatting to the girls about their love lives and drama and New York. We walked through the park, by the pond, and I was so surprised at how many birds and squirrels were wandering about. I thought that wildlife would have been put off by the tourists and people there, but the animals seemed cool with everybody and we saw a dozen baby birds and one mummy bird on our walk through. We stopped on a bridge and took some photos, and then Rose and I walked ahead, holding hands and taking in the view as the girls were chatting among themselves. We walked past an area where baseball leagues were playing so we stopped to watch. People were holding up signs for their teams.

The girls caught up and we started talking about the different foods we have in England and America and the girls suggested we get a snow cone. We went for RAINBOW coloured of course and sat down to watch the baseball.

We had to take a photo of this guy because he was a male version of pigeon lady from Home Alone 2 - he had an ACTUAL pigeon ON HIS HAND!!

We had to take a photo of this street because Rose recognised it from GTA - We'd driven down this street on the game!

We lay in the sun and chilled out with the snowcones. The sun was beating down it was a gorgeous and I KNEW Rose would get burned. We moved over to shade and continued to gossip.

Then it was time to leave because we had tickets for a Broadway show. We decided to see The Lion King, which was playing all year round. It was also so close to our hotel, we'd been seeing advertisements for it everywhere and we were so excited!

We walked back to Times Square and arrived at the theatre just in time. We sat down and took our seats and the show began.

The show was absolutely incredible. It opened with all the cast members as animals parading along the aisles right by the audience in these incredibly intricate costumes. Rose and I just couldn't work out how the giraffes stayed upright and not just that, DANCING because their arms and legs were attacked to giant stilts! The elephant costumes were amazing and my favourite of all was the baby elephant. Pride rock formed on the stage and it opened with everyone singing The Circle of Life. The singing was just so unbelievably good. Lindsay leaned over to me and told me that the man who played older Simba had won several awards for being so talented. Rose and I sat through it with massive grins on our faces, holding hands. Rose and I BOTH cried when Simba's Dad dies and I whispered jokingly in Rose's ear about how many times we'd cried on this trip – more than I'd cried in my entire life it seemed!

The play was incredible and we couldn't have chosen a better one to see. Lindsay had bought us both programs to take home to remember it by. We stepped out on the street and back into blinding sunlight around 6pm and Lindsay said “Next time, we're seeing Wicked!”
We were all STARVING. We had planned to walk the Brooklyn Bridge that day, but Lindsay said if we were too shattered we could just grab food instead. After walking to 5th, walking around the plaza and the park and walking back to Times Square my legs were beginning to ache and Rose and I chorused “Food” Lindsay said “OK” and we headed over to the subway. Before we had come to New York we had emailed Lindsay a few places we wanted to visit, and I have told Lindsay I read a book that talked about a restaurant that was FAMOUS for it's hot chocolate. And Lindsay had said “Oh yeah I know -Serendipity” We had also planned to go to Dylan's Candy Store after numerous suggestions on Instagram and twitter from viewers, and Lindsay told us they were right next to each other and we should head other there. We handed her a couple of dollars each and swiped us these little Metro Cards – which I kept and took home with me in a weird sentimental way – and we headed down the steps of the subway.

The subway LOOKED exactly the same as London, it was just the directions that were different. Instead of a tube map, we headed down and just saw random letters on each side of the subway. I was trying to work it our, asking Lindsay what the N and Q meant and then she told me that sometimes you get letters, sometimes numbers and I gave up trying to understand instantly. It was easy though, we hopped on a tube, went a few stops, hopped off and onto another tube. Lindsay was telling us hilarious stories about her ex boyfriend and we were trying to be quiet about it because there were loads of people around but kept breaking out into hysterical laughter. We hit 59th which was our stop and stepped out to see Dylan's practically right in front of us.

We wandered through the store pointing out stuff to each other and saying what was cool and what looked delicious. I spent a while trying to decide what different chocolates that had “I <3 NY” on them I should buy for friends and family. Lindsay helped me find chocolate bar with my little sisters name on it, and I bought my younger sister and brother Harry Potter sweets as like me, they are both huge fans! I got my Mum and Step-Dad chocolate and postcards and some more for a few friends at work and home. Lindsay was telling us how you can have birthday parties in Dylan's and Rose and I were saying we weren't too old to LOVE that kind of party! We went downstairs and wandered around. I picked up this huge fluffy cake pillow saying I wanted it and Lindsay grabbed it off me like “No I won't let this happen!” and we were all laughing and joking. We went to the very top floor to check out the candy bar, but because we were going straight to a restaurant we didn't bother, so I went down and bought my gifts. It came to $78!! I knew everything I was picking up was like $10 but I had to buy gifts for my family and friends! Oh well, I only had a couple more days left in NY and I had to spend my dollars, there was no point coming home with them.

We walked just a few shops down to Serendipity and put our names down for a table, but there was a 45 minute wait. Lindsay said Ok cool, and we walked over to Bloomingdales to have a shop before we ate. I had recognised Bloomingdales from films and had assumed it was kind of an American version of Harrods. We went up the escalators and all I could see was AMAZING clothes that I wanted. I ran up to this AMAZING pink coat and Lindsay was like “Yeah... that's probably around $600. I checked the price and she was right. But it was still fabulous. After buying a wedding dress and a veil each though, I decided to save my pennies. We slowly looked round, admiring all the clothes. I noticed Bloomingdales carried “Free People” a brand Macy's carries that I've modelled on my fashion blog posts before. Lindsay said “Yeah Macy's owns Bloomingdales. That's why we carry some of the same lines here. I get discount in here too” And Rose and I were blown away! We didn't realise just what a big company Macy's was. Rose asked Lindsay how many Macy's stores there are and Lindsay replied “800!”

We oohed and ahhed at clothes for Autumn we'd love to buy (I cannot WAIT for my Autumn blog posts! Tartan, plaid and long socks here we come!!) and then we dashed into the loo. After that we decided it had been somewhere around 45 minutes and went back to Serendipity to claim our table.

Serendipity was one of our FAVOURITE places in the whole of NY. It was tiny, with a really low ceiling, but it wasn't claustrophobic it was really quaint. It had these huge light shades that looked really English I thought, like stained glass and just really cool stuff on the walls, like random bric-a-brac stuff. The waiter was a really cute American guy and he brought over MASSIVE menus which were bigger than our heads. We spend ages deliberating what to eat then Rose said to me “Oh my God Rosie you HAVE to get the Bi-Sensual Burger!” and was pointing at it laughing and I was like “Oh my god, that actually looks AMAZING I'm GOING to get it!” And Rose ordered it too! It was just this massive burger with bacon and cheese and just awesomeness. Lindsay had a steak and a salad I think.

Serendipity was one of my favourite times in New York I think. Just because Rose and Lindsey and I were having so many laughs, talking about everything, everyone, sharing funny stories and talking about exes. Then the conversation turned to sex and we were trying to stay hushed again but we were just laughing hysterically, and all while eating the most delicious food.
When the cute waiter came back to ask if we wanted to see a pudding menu all us girls said “YES!” and he brought them over right away. Lindsay had told me I HAD to have the frozen hot chocolate because it was FAMOUS so we ordered one of those and also a 'Can't Say No Sundae'. We only got two puddings because they were HUGE but we had three spoons so we put them in the middle and all tucked in. For someone who rarely gets to eat chocolate, this much chocolate was INCREDIBLE and I kept closing my eyes and relishing the taste. Lindsay was laughing at me like “Oh my god are you going to be ILL? You're not mean't to eat chocolate right?” and I just told Lindsay I might destroy the bathroom later but it would be worth it. It was SO. GOOD. I couldn't understand how the frozen hot chocolate was freezing cold like a smoothie, but tasted HOT. I couldn't get my head around it. It tasted like a HOT chocolate iced smoothie, how do they do it?? How?? Rose preferred the banana, hot fudge and chocolate sundae with biscuit crumbs, but the frozen hot chocolate was my fave. I didn't want to leave, but we couldn't fit anymore in!!

Lindsay had to go meet her boyfriend so we walked down the street and she hailed us a cab, gave us a massive squeeze and said she'd see us the next day. It was dark and late and warm and we were FULL of chocolate pudding and good food. We laughed all the way back in the taxi, talking about the hilarious things Lindsay had said and the stories we swapped. When we got home, Lindsay was with her boyfriend but texting me saying she kept bursting into spontaneous laughter around him because she couldn't stop thinking about a naughty story I'd told her earlier. She said she just kept looking at her boyfriend and crying with laughter hahahha. Rose and I snuggled down into the sheets and talked about how amazing the chocolate was until we fell asleep.

Thanks for reading my New York Diary Blog! I've still got 2 more days to blog about so keep your eyes pealed! Don't forget to leave me a comment and subscribe! love you guys xxxxx


  1. Amazing as always! Can't wait for more!!

  2. I just love how you tell the stories hahaha i literely felt like i was there with you ! I think april is the luckiest fan ever!! I cant wait to read some more of your blogs.

    Love you girls

  3. Great blog post Rosie. Can't wait to hear more about your trip! You and Rose are the best YouTubers in the world, treating April as you did!

  4. You're making me even more upset about how all my plans to come to New York to see you fell through! Been wanting to meet you for ages but so glad you has a good time xx

  5. Ever since I saw the movie Serendipity (My favorite movie, btw), I've wanted to try the frozen hot chocolate. Looks so yummy. Great writing, Rosie. Also, you guys are so fucking ridiculously adorable.

  6. Yeeeyyy that's amazing! Can't thank u enough for taking the time to write this blog!! I absolutely adore your style, the way you describe emotions and little details that always warm our hearts <3 love u and Rose soo much :) tc xxxx

  7. Wow amazing as always, you guys really had a fantastic time! Im glad for you, cool that you got to see many lovely places while you stayed there. Can't really wait to read more! Xxx

  8. The stories you guys tell have me and my friend laughing so much! You are both so hilarious and have no shame in telling us your personal stories, it's great!;) haha Glad you had a great time!

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  10. I just sit and smile at my computer while reading your NYC blog posts! My girlfriend and I live in Minnesota and went to NYC for spring break our junior year of college and some of your stories remind me of our trip there! It's such a romantic city, just walking arounnd makes it feel like a special time! I was wondering why you were tweeting you were so sick, but now I see, you ate WAAAAAY to much dairy!

  11. Now I'm listing the places I want to go in NY. Gooood Foood and Clothess! And the famous tourist attractions!! It's really helpful!!

  12. Rosie, your writing style is so clear and on point. You paint a very clear picture with your words. I am really an enjoying your NYC blog. Thank you for doing this for all us boobies and Sparkle Monkeys.

  13. Love reading this Rosie, the frozen chocolate sounds amazing

  14. Can't help but smile when I read your posts! Ready for more :)

  15. You know how we laughed so much? Rosie, your first book should be the diary of the Roses. Just saying....we would all be looking crazy cuz we all be laughing and crying at the same time. Like bunch of idiots. I wouldn't mind what people say at that point. Love ...hugs and kisses

  16. All these posts are making me miss NYC... your posts are so descriptive. So glad you had such a good time! I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures there!! Hopefully I'll get to see you guys next time!
    Oh god... those pictures of Serendipity look so delicious... <3
    Can't wait to read more!

  17. I love your writing omg. You have to write a book about your lifes, how you meet, how is the world seen from the optical of a lesbian couple and how to not care about prejudments... And also put something that could make us laugh. In resume the thing you do in videos but putting it down in words. Just an idea. I'll buy that book and I'll make buy it to every single person I met. It can help a bit to make people understand us and our community a little more. you're the best guys iloveyou

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  20. Your diary blog is a great idea Rosie ! I really enjoy reading it, because I'm actually learning english (I'm French) so it helps me with the written language (as your videos help me with the oral language). I know this is not your first goal, but thanks to you and Rose I'm still working on my english during summer, in a way that makes me happy ! Carry on,you're both amazing ! bisous de France :)

  21. Funny to see that Rose was the hesitant one when it came to posing with Lady Liberty. Seeing as she was the one that was going on and on and on and on about strutting around NYC in her "I <3 NY" paraphernalia. What a dork(and i mean this in the best possible way ever). Annnd now I want a bacon cheeseburger, a chocolate something/anything, and a snow cone. Thanks for sharing your amazing good times, and more please.

  22. hello, my name is Gabriele and i'm 17 years old, loved the diary post your blog is incredible, congratulations Rosie the trip to NYC I see you had a great time making new friends and meeting fans, I am improving my English with the help of your blog and videos on you tube, love your British accent, a warm hug from a Brazilian girl!!
    Remember me to Rose hahaha I REALLY want meet you guys " I <3 U" #ComeToBrazilRoses Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!

  23. Loved it!! You are so good when it comes to details and clarity its amazing Rosie!!<3

  24. Loved this post!! Can't say this enough- your writing is brilliant! So glad you had such an amazing experience!!!

  25. Loved the blog Rosie. First time actually reading and it was like I was there with you guys. I'd love to go to the US some day and New York is one of the top destinations.

    I've seen the Lion King in Edinburgh and it was amazing! The costumes and everything was breathtaking. Wicked is also amazing (if you haven't seen it), saw that in Glasgow but hopefully seeing it again in Edinburgh at the end of the year. (Need to see it again in the Gershwin though) :)

    I'll now be an avid reader of your blog because I love your videos with Rose and just want to keep up to date when I've not got Youtube on.

  26. Aww this was so nice :) that frozen hot chocolate sounded amazing!


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