Monday, 7 July 2014

OOTD - Mottled Monday

 Hey guys!

So today I am wearing HEAD TO TOE New Look!! You can find the black crop top HERE, and the mottled acid wash jeans are actually age 13 from the children's section 915. I love buying children's jeans because they are the same as petite jeans - SHORT for my tiny legs! You can find these jeans HERE.

 The absolutely GORGEOUS pom pom hem kimono you can find HERE and I HEART this so much because it's so much more cosy and warm than most kimonos. Perfect for snuggling into, but still looking fashionable and showing off your outfit.

 My pumps/creepers you can find HERE.

I am also wearing another one of our own merch wristbands that says "Most People Are Assholes" which I ADORE and it goes perfectly with this outfit.

Our merch store will be opening VERY SOON so keep your eyes on our channels and blogs for more info!

Comment below and I will have another #ootd up for you tomorrow :) xxxxxxx



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  2. such a cute ass outfit your sooo adorable i love the wrist band where can i get one i live in west virginia love u rosie & rose <3 :)

  3. I'm so in love with the kimono! You look amazing Rosie!

  4. I absolutely adooooooore your outfit Rosie :) You have a good fashion taste and look great as always xxx

  5. I'm in love with your outfit! Especially with these jeans!!

  6. ROSIE u have worked ur MAGIC once again..ur dressing sense is SHARP...How do u manage to get the PERFECT LOOK (EVERYTIME)that makes you seem like you’ve just stepped out of a glossy teen fashion magazine..I won't lie,but u look like a GORGEOUS BLONDE TEENAGE CELEBRITY...ABSOLUTELY LOVE the COLOR COMBINATION of black top+grey mottled acid wash jeans+black pumps(without the KIMONO) has DEFINETELY AMPED UP the teen,sexy,ROCKSTAR look over here...whereas with the Kimono ,the look becomes more COZY and beautiful and WARM,STILL SEXY AS HELL because the FACE of the MODEL carrying the clothes is STILL the SAME,absolutely a 100% GORGEOUS...u look DEFINETELY more SEXY/SHARP in BLACK !! And OH I forgot to mention LOVE the NEW POSES u have made over here ESP the one where u are leaning against the wall and looking over ur right side with head slightly tilted ,giving a HALF,NAUGHTY SMILE which is so INTRIGUING and MESMERISING,I can go on for HOURS,DAYS regarding UR SMILE ,DIMPLES and ESP EYES,so I should stop here,haha..ADORE u and ROSE DIX forever!!

  7. LOVE IT ALL, but ESPECIALLY that kimono! One of my favorites that I've seen you wear!

  8. I love your outfit rosie ! :)
    I decided to make a tumblr account just for you and rose :)
    Keep the fire burning in your relationship ��

  9. I think I have followed your blog on my bloglovin account for a little while now but I'm just looking at your blog now. I love it and your outfit is amazing.Do you get Rose to take these photographs for you or do you use a tripod?

  10. I used to wear socks like that when I was a kid! �� but super cute outfit!


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