Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#BEONMYBLOG competition + Macy's Haul!

So in preparation for my trip to New York and Jersey City for mine and Rose's #MacysMeetAndGreet I did a Macy's Haul for you guys to check out some of the things I'm LOVING.

Read on to find out how to enter a competition to #BeOnMyBlog and also how to get VIP passes to come and meet Rose and I at Macy's... even though all the tickets have sold out!!

Lets face it, I'm the kind of gal who likes to go all out. I'm the kind of person who likes to really dress up for occasions and celebrate life's little moments. So before my trip to Macy's in America, I went and did an all american themed haul. 

The first thing I got was this New York Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren short sleeve graphic tee. I liked that it's white as I am hoping to get a tan out in America! I love the bones spelling NY I think it gives off a really cool indie band hipster vibe. It's a very simple design but it makes a very cool top.



Next is this Lucky Brand Americana Skull Tank which you can buy HERE. Don't ask me why but this sleeveless skull tee REALLY reminds me of Ke$ha! I love the American theme, the colours, the skull, I think this top is something I'd wear to a festival which is why I dressed it with a colourful headband. It's quite a long tee so I could wear it tucked in or wear untucked with the shorts for a more dressed down look.


And here I am wearing my Guess Live Free Cropped Tee which you can buy HERE. I absolutely ADORE this, it's my favourite of the lot and I WISH I had got this for the 4th July! I love Guess, I bought Rose a beautiful rose gold Guess watch for her birthday and ever since we have been really big on Guess and their beautiful designs and great quality. 

I think this cropped tee gives off a rock chick vibe and I LOVE the way it drapes across my back in the picture below. I think for a dark grey top it's actually really sexy and feminine.


The next thing I got was this awesome BCBGeneration Rose Gold #MYO (make your own) Affirmation Bracelet Kit. I. ADORE. THIS. SO. MUCH. I'm told these wristbands are all the rage in America and I wanted to follow the trend, seeing as Loom Bands are popular over here and I wear them always. So I jumped on the wagon and bought myself a pink (of course) one and was blown away. I thought it might be targeted at a younger demographic, but I love it and this is actually a really high quality product. 

You can choose the colour of the wristband and then it comes with every letter of the alphabet, including extra A, E, L, O, R and U letters to make sure you don't run out when you write cool messages. It also comes with an @ sign, a # and a <3 symbol. So I made mine say @ROXETERA (my instagram name - cheeky plug! ;P ) 

I really am in love with this and I'm a new follower of the craze. You can by your BCBGeneration band HERE.

And last but not least the fun part! If you want a chance to #BeOnMyBlog OR you want to come to the Macy's Meet and Greet but didn't get a ticket and fancy getting a VIP one, here's what you've got to do!

Starting August 18th the first 125 customers to make a $75 or more purchase within the Impulse department  at The Macy's Jersey City Store will receive a special gift PLUS VIP access to the meet and greet. Make sure you get something great to wear to the event, because I'm going to be checking out all of your outfits and featuring my favourite 3 looks on my blog! So begining 18/8/2014 OR 8/15 for you Americans, take a photo of your outfit from the Macy's Impuse range, and upload to twitter/instagram with the hashtag: #BeOnMyBlog and be sure to tag @macys @roxetera @roseellendix.

So remember, there are only 125 VIP tickets available so as of August 18th get shopping!! I thought I put together some killer combos but I can't wait to see yours!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment! Can't wait to see you all in August, AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU'RE WEARING! :) 



  1. that is so cool. that stuff is awesome. love u rosie & rose. <3 ;)

  2. You guys are amazing, im jealous of the "North" Americans since i am from "South" America...Oh well, maybe next year you'll visit Argentina. Have fun in NY!!

    Love you.

  3. WHO is that angel with SUNFLOWERS in her hair..ROSIE u are SERIOUSLY way too GORGEOUS for our eyes..your BEAUTY is one of a kind..WORDS cannot encompass the Essence of ur beauty..your MAKEUP,STYLE,POSES,esp those EYES and ahh that SMILE,(EVERY FUCKING thing is ON POINT)..EVERY THING U WEAR becomes FASHION,that is how POWERFUL ur beauty and elegance is..ABSLOLUTELY LOVING the EYE MAKEUP,esp the BLUE eyeshadow..I really liked the AMERICANA TANK and the guess cropped TEE..THOSE silver shoes look AWESOME the the DENIM SHORTS..IRONICALLY I won't be able to come to the MACY's EVENT cuz of my hectic UNI schedule,SIGH,but one day I am sure I will be able to meet u guys and hear ur HUSKY,DEEP voice and ROSE DIX's ANGELIC voice in person ,I love the sound of ur voices ALOT!!P.S ur voice sounds so DAMN GOOD on RADIO,I still remember the awesome film reviews u and rose did on radio,haha,GOOD OLD TIMES!

  4. I need to get that Americana Skull Tank! <3

    Have fun in NY!

  5. I absolutely adore the Live Free outfit you put together! Your makeup (especially the eyes) goes so well with the flowing but darker colours. That gray goes so well with that medium denim short you have. Second fav is the first one, NY Bones. It fits your top well and looks comfortable. Tho it is the least favourite here of mine I still like it quite a bit would be the middle pictures with the American Skull. It has a fun 70's vibe to it and of course I'm in love with those shoes! I love the shine! And that Sunflower head piece... I'd like to see that with more outfits.
    In all, Great choices! Especially the last one... the neckline all the way around the shirt sits so well on your frame. Draping a bit in the back and pointed and fitting at the front of the neck.

    ~April Jayne DeRosier

    P.S. I'm stealing that bracelet...

    ... or maybe I'll just buy one of my own and make it say Strwbrrybanama BUT I guarantee you... I will be wearing one of those soon...

  6. On the eventbrite page is says the VIP opportunity is starting Aug 18, but here you say Aug 15? I'm panicking because I'll be out of town on the 15th. Which is it?

  7. Really loving all those shirts Rosie. I can't wait for you to come over and have a good time. But, may I just say; that bracelet is...genius. I can totally see myself getting in trouble with something like that.

  8. Is it the 15th or the 18th? I'm flying in from Canada and don't get there until the 16th cos i thought it was the 18th! (Sorry if this re-posted). !!!!!


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