Friday, 13 June 2014

Go Scratch It: Scratch Nail Wraps

Hey guys!

So this week I got sent some amazing nail wraps from Scratch Nails to try out.

Scratch Nail Wraps (or nail foils as we call them over here) are born from the idea that nail wraps are really cool but most designs currently out there are not. Scratch works with new featured artists every month to create new, fun designs - that bring out the inner Katy Perry in all of us. Born in L.A the company proclaim themselves to be a 'facilitator of awesomeness' and I would have to agree.

The nail designs, constantly updated every month, range from Natalie Dee style comic strip style to Jaws nails to The Beatles quote's because everyone wants "Here comes the sun" on summer nails. They even do tie dye and stain glass window nails.Every month they also release a new edition to their 'Zodiac' nails. So obviously, this month I ordered me some Gemini!

Today I am wearing an edition called 'Prism' (SEE what did I tell you about Katy Perry?!) This was my first time wearing nail wraps, and after a quick Youtube tutorial I felt prepared to try them out. Nail wraps are NOT false nails, more like stickers or transfers. You place them onto your nail in position, heat them up with a hairdryer then stick them into place. Voila! It's like wearing nail polish, only, instead of attempting to painstakingly create nail art YOURSELF you simply pick the nail art that you like and stick it straight on. No bother. Also if you aren't too hard a worker or you add a little top coat these nail foils can last longer than polish.

Now I hate to be crude here but there is another pro to wearing foils as opposed to getting fake nails to stick on. Nail foils fit to whatever size or length your nails already are, so they aren't going to scratch (excuse my pun) anybody. And being in a lesbian relationship, it's best not to wear anything that scratches, if you catch my drift.

Although a little fiddly at first, I got these nail wraps on smooth and looking good. However, I have extremely short, bitten nails so I would imagine these would be ten times less fiddly for someone who looks after their nails. But once on, with a beautiful pattern, and not likely to harm anyone, I loved these. They don't inhibit my day to day chores like false nails do. I can type and pick things up and do my hair freely without worrying about catching my nails and the bold pattern jazzes up an outfit in an instant. Overall, I'd say if you don't mind spending a bit of time putting them on, these are the real deal.

Click HERE to check out Scratch's website and click HERE to check their Insta.

Check out my Prism nails below and don't forget to leave a comment!! I'll post more photos when I try out my Gemini Zodiac nails wraps. :) xxxxx



  1. Nice, unfortunately for being a screenprinter they probably wouldnt last long with all the chemicals i use everyday...

  2. They are so perfect, will be getting some for Summer ��

  3. Love the wraps/foils, and that ring is still looking good on you, girl. :)

  4. I never usually wear nail polish but I think I'll defiantly try these out! They seem way cooler (and fun) to wear :)

  5. Cute nail wrap,really like the prism pattern..CUTTEN TINY HANDS and a BEAUTIFUL RING looking EVEN MORE STUNNING on ur tiny hands:)

  6. sell that shit girl, I hope your getting payed commission.

    1. I am reading an excellent book right now and it says in here that YOU"Rachel Kerr " need some SELF-reflection ,you are so unhappy with ur life that u felt the urgent need to come and post an irrelevant ,immature ,nasty comment..don't u have anything more productive to do in life OR is it just as vanilla boring,depressed and desperate as u sound rightnow..GO AND KINDLY TROLL somewherelse where people like u belong like the L-CHAT forum.thanks!

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