Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rosie Rates: My Summer Picks

Oh. Em. Gee. I am SO glad that it is nearly summer because there are just TOO many outfits that I need to get my hands on.

Without further ado, I give you my Summer Picks.

First up these cute little two-pieces which you can find here and here on Asos. I am OBSESSED with these, they remind me of a cutsie little outfit that old-school Katy Perry would wear. No offense to the model or anyone with a naturally quick metabolism, but I think the outfit would look even BETTER on someone with a few more curves *ahem* Katy Perry for instance.

Next up is this white semi-transparent top from Topshop which you can find here. I adore this top because it seriously reminds me of Alicia Silverstone (a personal hero) in Clueless. It reminds me of her wearing that sheer shirt over her Calvin Klein dress with those white heels. MMmmmmmm Alicia Silverstone....

Anyway this is gorgeous and I would wear it either like Alicia below with hair down and light natural makeup OR I would pull up all my hair in a high pony and wear bright red lipstick, maybe with some black jeans or shorts to make it more 90's grunge. Alicia was always wearing sheer shirts in that movie and I think it looks really elegant and classy. I love materials like sheer, silk, and satin. It just looks and feels so classic. Plus it's perfect for summer.

Another personal pick of mine is this Cameo Rose Mint Green Playsuit from New Look which you can buy here

Apologies for the terrible photograph but trust me, this looks fantastic ON. I saw my friend wearing it and she looks JUST like an Asian Pocahontas. The mint green against her dark tanned skin looked incredible. Wear this with shimmery eye-shadows, whites and silver jewelry. YUM.

And last but not least another Asos pick. You can find this Pineapple Pom Pom trim dress here and don't you just want to whack out the card and buy it now? I have to snap this up, I absolutely adore it. As I said in my previous post, tropical prints like palm trees and pineapples are really in right now, but it was the pom pom trim that sold it for me. I just have to make sure my cat doesn't case me around.

Toughen it up with a leather jacket and black heels, or wear with white pumps or flip-flops for a more casual look.

So those were my summer picks that I am seriously rating right now! Leave a comment, let me know your opinions and tell me your summer picks, I have a shopping addiction that needs to be fed xxxxx


  1. Ok... I'm going to start from the top going down. The first two I absolutely love... But you're right... not on that model. The design looks as if it were MEANT for someone with some semblance of curves.
    Next we have Clueless. Cher... or Alicia... Have always loved these... baring the black see through top with the wrist puffs. Perhaps I just never liked it on her. I can't really say.

    Third we have the green Play suit... Hell to the yes! I can think of a MILLION ways this outfit can play out and that's because it's so simple! Accenting you not you being dressed up by it! Change the shoes, makeup and hair and accessories... Totally different occasion... Still Fab!

    Lastly, I'm not going to lie... Reading your review, I thought it said Pineapple Porn pom trim at first... I was like... The fuck? HAHA! Personally I would add a White thick cut ribbon around the middle and have a bow in the back to cover the high waist seam. I'd also want it to be a little more fitting to the top... The shorts have these little white... balls? I'd have to see what those were made out of as well... that might get annoying if they rub.

    I love your style Rosie! You have fantastic taste! One of the places I love to shop is Maurices! Especially for their tops! If you haven't been there you should check it out!

  2. Love them all! Especially that last one... Do you have any recommendations for where to buy a nice leather jacket? I'm quite curvy so I would like one that's quite fitted?

    Great post, love the blog!

  3. I think you will look FANTABULOUS in that GREEN JUMPSUIT and PInapple dress...these two are my personal picks from the ones u've mentioned above,but LETS BE HONEST,you know it very well that you will look absolutely GORGEOUS in anything u wear..i think u have a great taste in fashion and makeup..u go girl!

  4. Rosie! You're hotter than the models but god damn Alicia Silverstone! always had a thing for her with that "rip off my clothes" look she use to give .. speaking of I'm naked haha

  5. Shopping addiction that needs to be fed- wise words right there haha!Speaking of addidction playsuits are my addiction i have like 20 of them in my closet sitting around because it doesn't suit me but I still buy them thinking one day I'll wear them..but nope..yup that bad.And I think the pineapple dress would look so perfect on you!<3

  6. OH MY GOD ROSIE I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS BLOG!! xoxo much love from Sweden

  7. hmm yeah i remember when clueless 1st came out and loving everything Cher wore. so yay to the semi-transparent tops.

  8. In HK, the new black definitely involve Fluorescent color, like when I shopped for the sports wear the sales literally told me the latest outfit is fluorescent semi-transparent tank top. And I brought this amazing lvory skeleton roll up t-shirt with some fluorescent pink on it. It's nice! I'll take sheer as my first priority if I need to perform.

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