Wednesday, 21 May 2014

OOTD - Monochrome Morning

Hey guys! Yesterday was really cold and windy but it randomly got hot again today - YESSS. I have so many summer outfits I want to wear and as soon as the nice weather appears I can get them on!

Today I am wearing a New Look Crop Top, a New Look Palm Print Skirt and a New Look Black Kimono. Yes, head to toe New Look. Including my pumps.

This tropical beachy palm print look is really in right now, but even though I love bright colours it can look a bit too OTT and too bold for me. So getting the palm print in black and white was a way for me to rock the latest tropical trend but in a slightly less bold and more relaxed way.

I am absolutely LOVING kimonos this summer, this is the first year I've bought any and I'm obsessed. They keep you at JUST the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold. I just feel really relaxed and calm throwing on a kimono over my outfit and I think the look is feminine and classic. Way better than wearing a cardie!!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

P.S there is a cameo appearance of my next door neighbours cat Fang in the photos.





  1. You look great rosie..I love it..

  2. Don't know how you manage to pull off all the looks Rosie, but you defo do. Lovely as always.

    PS: Love the hair!

  3. It seems like I am actually going through pages of a FASHION MAGAZINE..ROSIE ur poses and the way u've done ur HAIR is just Ahmmmm(a amazing) ....u look like a top notch gorgeous MODEL!u do know how to carry urself and even when ur not dressed up u look absolutely gorgeous and I think u have lost some more weight,ur BELLY is lookin SO FLAT and u and ROSE have some killer,sexy legs like its cruel to be that sexy...I love the black palm print skirt,giving a very tropical look and absolutely loving the kimono,ur looking damn CLASSY,comfy,sexy in it..u and ROSE DIX have the best GENES for LOOKS and PERSONALITY...I guess New look is ur favourite place to shop..u go girl and PLZ A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE(kindly take special care of those DIMPLES cz dey are way more PRECIOUS than u can even imagine,like I m being honest here) ur blog<3

  4. Excellent choice in combining your outfit. I like the black kimono, looks light enough to wear and not get hot. And Fang is cute. :)

  5. I love your kimono, I like it.

  6. omg you really pull that outfit off!Sometimes I see people wear skirt and kimono together and I just go uh uh but wow you're incrdedible!Honestly, why arent you modeling or sth?Your fashion sense is AAAA+++!Just curious how did you braid your hair like that?I think it's my calling hahaha

  7. Well done! One question tho... how the heck do you keep your shoes so white. I have white shoes for like... 3 weeks... then they're past the point of no return (to white). Even with bleach. Unless I don't wear them... and then whats the point... first world problems...

  8. Not feeling the top. Like you better in colors. Luv the skirt. Cute hair...

  9. I think you lace shrug is too good with your tops...


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