Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Metallic Obsession

Hey guys!

As many people may already know, I am extremely fond of the sparkly things in life. Anything pink, shiny or glittery is my calling. I do believe I may have been a magpie in another life.

So when I stumbled upon these Silver Metallic Platform Shoes on the New Look website, I almost died from delight, because not only are they completely AWESOME but they look EXACTLY like something that Baby Spice would wear. 

I made Rose order them straight away as my Birthday present and she got them, but I am told I am not under any circumstance allowed to wear them until the special day.

Fast forward to a trip to Merry Hill a few weeks later and I discovered this Metallic Bag in the New Look Sale and nearly fainted because it was made of the exact same silver metallic material.

I don't know what else to say other than as soon as May 30th comes around I will be wearing the shizzle out of these two items. The shoes will help me live out my 90's fantasy and the bag will spice up so many awesome outfits. I am too excited!



  1. ...This is the fucking most AMAZING THING I'VE SEEN IN SO LONG! That is EXACTLY what Emma would have worn! Why the fuck is it only the 20th...?!

  2. You are o much like Charli XCX, shes super nostalgic for the 90's and is inspired by that era's fashion and style. Her music is the fucking bomb too!! I love you so much and your clothes are on point!! Happy almost birthday, love from Pennsylvania US xxxx

  3. I like that you don't ever stay inside the box. Super cute and super YOU! Rock out with your cock out! ✌

  4. I think I just FELL in love with those shoes..ABSOLUTELY beautiful and so was the handbag..Like seriously are a REAL LIFE PRINCESS,ur looks,ur taste in clothes,shoes,ur genuine,effortlessly cool,raw personality..all of this combination is what makes u PERFECT even with minor imperfection here and there...YOU AND ROSE DIX ARE GIFTS OF GOD BESTOWED UPON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH AND UR LOVE IS SETTING A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE OF WHAT TRUE,GENUINE,UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS...I FUCKIN LOVE,ADORE and RESPECT u BOTH so DAMN much..<3


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