Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lifestyle Post - Picnic Time!

Hey guys! So yesterday Rose and I went and had a picnic outside Worcester Cathedral overlooking the river. It was a spontaneous idea because I had been at work all day and the day had been boiling and I wanted to spend time together outside so I could still catch the sunshine.

Rose cooked Peri Peri Chicken and made a Peri Peri Risotto/sticky rice thing. We're slightly obsessed with Nando's at the moment so we basically had a Nando's picnic.

It was really lovely and another couple actually came and had a picnic near to us, but later they left and we had some privacy. Because we were by the river we were watching the swans and the wildlife and then the Worcester River Cruise ship went by or as Rose and I like to call it The Party Boat and it had a Hen party on it! It was blasting out awesome music and all the women on board were dressed up and waving at us and we waved back - pretty cool stuff.

A major thank you goes out to our friend Anna Dummett who sent us the picnic hamper. Now the weather is gorgeous we will be using it so much, and it really is beautiful so thank you so much Anna, for making our day special <3 

Here's some piccies from the picnic. If you look at my next post, I will tell you exactly what Rose and I were wearing and where we got it from. xxxxxx



  1. Looks like an idyllic day!

  2. Don't know if you realized you two are a bit colour themed... but I like it. You two are so sweet...

    ...Also I am going to assume that a Picnic Hamper is the same thing as a Picnic Basket... right then... Because here... a hamper is a term I've only ever heard used for the basket that holds dirty clothes... which would set a whole different mood for your picnic...

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  4. thank you for sharing your sunny picnic time story and photos. you two look super chill and happy, and i like it.

  5. I like how you make the old times and the current time meet halfway.I don't know but it seemed that today,more people are interested in FASTFOOD & BARS OR CLUBS.I know you are into bar/club and stuff but still,you do picnic and your food looks delicious.Now,I feel hungry :)

  6. Ooh so cute!!! Is a beautiful place. I like your outfits guys‚ is fresh and cute.

  7. I DONT think any couple on this planet could as FUCKIN PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL as u two..TOUCHWOOD!

  8. Awwww this is awesome taking the time to chill with nature, eating healthy foods and enjoying the sunshine with your loved ones. Kinda remind me that sometimes we need to have a break from this busy crazy world of internet and just be with nature.

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  10. You both looked outstanding in your respective outfits belike real life Barbie dolls onya Rosie I'm assuming you've picked excellent choice of outfits as always btw Prosecco would've been nice to match Rose's risotto and chicken :)
    Thank you so so much for shout AGAIN I'm getting far too spoiled with these mentions I might get use to it yikessss!!!
    PS I'm still fangirling the fact that you wrote "our friend" I'm incredibly fortunate and blessed!!
    ❤️Anna Dummett


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