Monday, 5 May 2014

I Love Giving to Charity!!

Hello there chaps and chapettes! Sorry I've not blogged for so long, I've been super super busy with ROSWEGLYN, Rose falling ill in London and then coming back and answering a remarkable amount of fan mail (which we are slowly working our way through.)

Anyway, ever since Rose and I and all of you guys at Rosweglyn helped raise £402.00 for the R.S.P.C.A (which we are taking to the bank TODAY so we can write a cheque and send it off - we will be vlogging!) I've had my heart set on doing way more competitions and events that give to charity.

Although you guys chose the charity, Rose and I were so so chuffed that it was the R.S.P.C.A because I still feel the heartbreak and worry over my little baby FlynnFlynn falling ill and how you guys helped, and I did really feel like we were giving back. So a big big thankyou to all those who helped my Flynn and also all those who gave money for the raffle which resulted in money going to the R.S.P.C.A you all did a great thing!

SO Rose and I are in the process of thinking up more wacky ideas to raise money for charity but in the meantime, I have a friend who is already doing a wacky idea and I thought I'd let all you guys know in case you'd like to help!

My friend Nick is trying to raise money for The British Heart Foundation, in the weirdest way. He and a huge group of people will be WALKING from London to Brighton, which is 106km (64 miles) in June. It's non stop, no sleep and they only have 30 hours to complete it. By the end of the walk, everyone will be completely broken.

Cameras will be taken to film the highlights so donators and sadists can enjoy their pain! Hallucinations and meltdowns are common towards the end.

You can read more and donate here:


Text (UK only) -
To - 70070

Thankyou for reading, also, you don't have to donate, you could join in the walk and get others to donate for you!


  1. you and your girlfriend are such an inspiration,continue doing things like this..

    -boobies from philippines

  2. I second that! Another boobie from the Philippines! Probably,you get to hear these things every single day but we'll never get tired telling you anyways :)

  3. OMG 106km on foot? NO WAY! That's indeed a weridest way. I wish I could join the fun trip. Though I would probably lose my legs after all.

  4. Thx. for converting it to American so I dont have to the u guys ...have a great day

  5. Tell ROSE I want to see a video of her playing the guitar and singing! Luv her!

  6. You are such an INSPIRATION to all youngsters!

  7. wow! two thumbs up for you rose and rosie' i really admired you both. with your works and the things what you are doing. i hope i can do thaT too.. .
    but of course with my "unknown" partner always at my side.


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