Saturday, 17 May 2014

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Hi Guys!

So yesterday Rose and I went with our friend Anna to see Rock of Ages at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!

I absolutely love all the classic rock songs and I already knew all the words to all the songs before I ever even heard of Rock of Ages. I've seen quite a few of the bands whose songs were featured in the film, like Europe! I've got quite the inner rock chick vixen in me I reckon.

At the end of the performance everyone gave a standing ovation because the people involved were just SO talented.

We also got recognised by a lovely girl called Becca who worked at the Theatre and had been watching our Youtube videos for years! So we stopped and had a chat with her after the show and took some pictures and made a video for her sister who couldn't get to meet us. I really do get so surprised when I meet someone who sort of already knows me. It's a strange feeling!

After the show Rose and Anna and I walked to 'Gay Birmingham' to check out some of the bars. We had a few drinks then headed home to have a big pizza and lots of sides! Epic day!

Below are photos of our outfits - Rose and I attempted to look as 80's as we possibly could without getting a perm and rocking the shoulder pads. Shoulder pads just do not look good on me.

My Outfit:     H&M Cropped Denim Jacket                    
                     Forever 21 Pink Crop Top                                             
                     New Look Disco Pants                                                  
                     Dorothy Perkins Boots                                                      

Rose's Outfit: New Look 915 Crop Top
                      H&M Leggings
                      Forever 21 Denim Jacket
                      New Look Blue pumps






  1. Love it Love it Love it!!! You ladies look beautiful as always!! <3

  2. ya both look super fabulous :)

  3. Love it!!!!!! ������ u look aaaaaaamazing, this style is timeless because it looks like 80s but feels like any spring of the 2000s or 2010s.......awesome��

  4. You two are gorgeous every moment! And I love the fact that you are sharing outfits.

  5. really cute' i liked it .. even im 90's kid' haha
    love the kinky, coily, curly hair'
    you guys are gorgeous . stay inlove.. :)


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