Monday, 14 April 2014

OOTD -Relaxed Barbie.

Hey guys!

Right first of all I SWEAR not all of my clothes are pink. I've got tonnes of different colours and styles coming up for you.

Today, every single item of my outfit is from New Look. I did two gigantic hauls this month; one New Look and one Forever 21 so I cannot WAIT to show you all my new clothes!

I called today's look Barbie because it is head to toe pink, but it's relaxed because of the harem trousers, jelly sandles and casual pony tail. I didn't wear much makeup at all today, just foundation, blusher, eyeliner and mascara. I put a bit of Hello Kitty tinted lipgloss on also!

Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to leave a comment below xxxxx






  1. So cuteeee I love it. You rock the jelly shoes. I want to do a photoshoot with you!!! xo

  2. You are GORGEOUS. Can you please shop and do my makeup for me? I'm so bad at this stuff

  3. Rosie?! How much weight have you lost? You look well skinny you little minx! And umm yhh... You're stunning and I'm loving these posts :) Oh and you are sooo lucky to rock the jelly sandals... Well jel xxx

  4. Them jelly shoes tho!You ROCKIN it gurl!Personally jelly shoes arent my thing but they look so good on you!Liking the classy cute casual look.Just wear the crop top you certainly look so perfect with it!Are those outfit only available in NL cause I live in USA and in my city,we ain't got nothin.You honestly can pull out any style!AND LOOK SO DAMN PURF!

    1. I am still not over the fact that you ROCK them jelly shoes!Like how???

  5. On a serious note tho,ROSIE I think I falling in love with your dressing style ,it's just so cool..the colour pink looks GREAT on u and those JELLY sandals look superb with the pink knitt/jumper...the harem trousers u r wearing just makes the whole outfit ten times better...and last but not the least,GOD has BLESSED u with such an innate beauty that I believe it's out of this world,ESPECIALLY,that smile,it's heart warming and Rose dix is the most Stunning,angelic BEAUTY:)

  6. Your figure is perfect! I love the blog so far, its a great idea. I cant wait to see you soon...11 days until #ROSWEGLYN x

  7. If I had seen those trousers in a store I probably had ignored them buuuut now that I see How amazing they look with pink I will buy a pair. Thx for the advice =)

  8. I've been watching you with Rose, but those videos never seem to show you off like these do. You are so incredibly beautiful. You intoxicate me. Rose is such a very lucky person to have you. But then you are to have her as well. I would like to know where each of you grew up, to know where your accents came from. I was born in Galway, but I moved to America when I was only 10 so you can't tell it much at all except in certain words and phases, mostly because of my parents and grandparents using them at home. Love this site, love Rose and Rosie, love everthing you do to keep us entertained.

  9. Very very cute outfit although I would suggest some accessories to make the look more complete, maybe a nice necklace and/or some bracelets, especially when you're only wearing the crop top.

  10. I love your crop tops so much!! You're so cute in them and you're inspiring me to lose some weight!


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