Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cool Blue Tie Dye

Hello all!

Today I'm wearing a white and blue tie dye tank top from Forever 21, with stone washed Primark budget jeans that were only £9! However, you get what you pay for as my zipper on these jeans never stays fully up and my one pocket refuses to stay in... it's time for me to chuck them out and do a jeans and jeggings haul! Keep an eye out on my blog for that one, as buying jeans can be super tricky.

I'm also wearing GORGEOUS  New Look white flip flops and Primark Easter Bunny nails.

I'd recently discovered these £1 bargain nails through my makeup artist friend Anna White. She's been wearing them forever, and took me into the gigantic Birmingham Primarni where I bought a selection of them including tie dye ones and Hello Kitty ones!! Lily Melrose also mentioned these as a £1 manicure I SWEAR TO THE LORD ABOVE I AM NOT COPYING HER BLOG we just seem to buy/wear similar outfits!

The blue eyeshadow I am wearing is Bourjois, and so is my blusher.  My foundation is 17 Photo Flawless foundation and my powder, as ever, is Rimmel Match Perfection. I didn't wear eyeliner today as the blue on my upper lids and beneath my eyes is already so striking, so I just whacked on some 17 Doll'd Up mascara.

Hope you like the look! Leave me a comment and there will be more blog posts up later today. xxxxx


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  1. Liking the color flow. Very basic and brings out the tone of your skin. P.s. Your fly is open. ;)

  2. WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS??!! Everything that you wear is perfectly perfect!! Sooooo jealous of you!

  3. This is the first time I saw you wearing jeans. The jeans and the flip flops looks amazing. I am no fashion guru or whatever but you are just nailing every OOTD you post. Keep it going! P.S. Excited to see Rose's OOTD as well. You did some clothes shopping didn't you? =^.^=

  4. so simple and not flashy but so eye catching ! It's like porn for your eyes!Im inlove with this cuz it's my type of style.Your make up slayed it especially with your eye shadow.DAYYM!Everything compliments with one another so awesome!Can i just say tho,you have a very very nice feet!lol <3

  5. Love it Love it LOVE IT!!!! <3

  6. ROSIE. U are my absolute style ICON,everything u do is fookin PERFECT!keep it up !

  7. I swear u look like a super model!

  8. So cute! I like all of you especially your eyes XXXX

  9. LOVE LOVE IT!! NICE!!!! ROsie can you share how do you maintain a flat tummy and what perfume do you wear??

  10. Has FOREVER 21 & PRIMARK called you yet for a bigger endorsement?Hahaha.This must happen :)

    Also,first time I saw you wore JEANS and I conclude,anything looks good on you ...


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