Monday, 29 August 2011

Why L’oreal is ALMOST as bad as Hitler. (Perhaps on the same level as Rupert Murdoch?)

 Firstly I’d like to start by saying, apologies for my last two blogs.  Although I make an excellent and valid point in both, they were really poorly written due to the fact I’d been up since 5.30 and should have just gone to bed. However, it seemed that I needed to have a gigantic rant about the world because I could actually nod off.

Ok, so. L’Oreal. I haven’t liked them recently anyway since they’ve chosen Cheryl Cole to represent them, and I think that she is the world’s worst representative for ANYTHING, ever. She’s just so predictably shit at everything she does. You would have thought that, what with all the money she’s been making, she would actually fork out for some singing lessons. That woman CANNOT SING. I’ve heard her live. She just whispers, and sticks to one note so she can’t go off key. She has no VOCAL RANGE. She can’t go lower or higher than the whispery SHIT that comes out of her mouth. And she can’t manage her personal life either.

But Cheryl Cole is not the reason for my Hitler/Murdoch comparisons.  It’s because I recently found out that L’Oreal have been doing something REALLY EVIL and then they did something to cover it up, totally unapologetic-ally.

L’Oreal test on animals. Now, now, hear me out. I know all too well that when people hear the phrase ‘testing on animals’ they probably think; ‘So what? We’re going to eat them later anyway. Why not put some lipstick on the hamsters?’ But it’s really not like that. And I have pictorial evidence to try to sway your mind.

One of the many things they do to animals is rub shampoo into their eyes. They do it to rabbits, which have no tear ducts, so they can’t get the shampoo out.  The poor little bunnies sit there panicking and in pain, and their eyes go all swollen and ganky, and I imagine some of them go blind. 

Other methods of torture include force feeding them poisonous ingredients untill they die, shaving their fur off constantly and scraping at their skin underneath until it is really sore and painful, then slapping a load of chemical crap onto it so it stings to monitor the reactions. All the bunnies are strapped down and cannot move, and obviously, cannot do anything to soothe the pain. They are left like this, in a huge batch, all distressed and crying and in pain, then they either die or they're killed, dumped outside in a bin bag and the next batch are brought in. Now, call me old fashioned but I don't believe that's how the world should work. Especially not in England or America! We're not living in a third world country! Why the hell is shit like this going down?!

So. Not only are they heartless  BASTARDS but they also LIE. They told the public they stopped animal testing in 89. Then, more recently, they bought The Bodyshop, who is renowned for their anti-animal testing philosophies. Basically it was a huge tactical buy to make themselves look warm, fuzzy and kind to the animals when they got found out that they were still testing. Now I am doubly worried as now they are in control of The Bodyshop I imagine all their stuff is tested on animals too.

Because I am a guilty person, and also have enough sympathy in my body to create ten new Mother Thereasa’s , I can no longer wear their products. (Although currently I won't even stretch out my legs, even though they are killing, because I don't want to disturb my cat. But I'm just a nice person like that.)Whether you wear their products is up to you. But check this picture out!

Lastly, I’ve put a link on the side of a petition to stop L’Oreal testing on animals. Have a read through, they have more information on it and probably don’t phrase it all as angrily as I do.



  1. There is always vegan/cruelty free alternatives to everything. Superdrug has everything you need...toothpaste, hair products, body wash, etc, etc, all cheap and haven't been used as chemical torture on animals!


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