Friday, 19 August 2011

A Different Take on the Shark Thing

Have you heard about this whole Shark thing on the news? So basically, a couple were on their honeymoon after FINALLY getting married after being together for nine years (and I think having children together). They get married, go on honeymoon, and like, ten days in the brand new Husband gets killed by a Shark. 

It’s a tragic story when you look at the photos of them together and think about if it happened to you. The wife released a statement saying that he was the best ever Husband and she was so heartbroken and would never be able to fill the gap left by his untimely death.

It’s very sad.

BUT. Then the people just take AWAY the sadness and replace it with stupidity. There saying they’re going to go KILL this Shark.

First of all, the Shark didn’t KNOW they’d just got married. He wasn’t INTENTIONALLY being a bastard. He was just being a Shark, doing what he does best, he was probably hungry (I’m sorry, I’ve realized I’ve just ASSUMED it was a he…. I don’t know the sex of the Sharky.) It saw the man, thought it was dinner time, man ended up dead.

Why are WE going to LOWER ourselves to the level of a SHARK which has a brain the size of like, a WALNUT, and mindlessly kill also?

Killing the Shark won’t bring back the dead man, or stop Sharks from eating people again. Do we think that by killing the Shark it will teach other Sharks a lesson and the Sharks will be like ‘Oh shit! They’ve started telling us off! We better stop killing things that smell good!’

No. This is not going to happen. And also, how the hell did they think they’d know which Shark to kill? Are they going to make it sign a confession?

I literally can’t believe newspapers will print this kind of bullshit! It is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Why have we become a nation of MORONS? 

Leave the Sharky alone! He was just eating his tea, like we do EVERYDAY. He DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE DID WRONG. Sharks are ENDANGERED. STOP KILLING THEM.

 To sum this all up, and I’m probably going to offend some people now but I don’t care, if the man hadn’t waited NINE YEARS to propose they would have got married sooner, he wouldn’t have been in the sea when the Shark was there and he would never have died.



  1. honestly... and yes I know this is quite an old post but... sharks don't like the taste of humans anyways. Dude was probably mistaken for another animal. Never hear that a shark ate a whole human do ya? Nope... just took a bite and acted like a 4 year old to raw broccoli.

  2. Haha I love the sarcasm in these posts.


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