Friday, 19 August 2011

An Argument About Seagulls

Ok, so. I got involved in an online argument about three days ago, maybe more and I am STILL.NOT.OVER.IT. What’s really annoying me is the person I was arguing with is someone I really like. He’s a really cool dude and was actually my boyfriend once. So clearly, he’s got some coolness about him. But, like me, he can be very opinionated and was on Facebook trying to tell everyone about this one point of view of his and trying to get everyone on his side. But his opinion (In MY opinion) was very UNCOOL and him preaching to facebook trying to get them to join in with him is just how I feel about religious people when they preach. It’s like; ‘fine if that’s your opinion, but it’s wrong so go away’.

So. The argument was about seagulls. (Yes AGAIN. I’m SORRY I know I already blogged about Billy my favorite orphan seagull but shush and listen because the seagull thing leads to an even better thing, alright?!)

Some politician or government guy or someone with power where I live in Worcester started a petition to kill loads of the seagulls. He was all ‘The seagulls are a problem, they’re dirty and annoying, we should kill them all, sign if you agree’. 

*Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhhhhhh* This guy, is a first class idiot, as is everyone who signs.

First of all, before I even have to explain WHY he is an idiot, I’d just like to point something out, give you something to mull over for a second. The only thing that separates human beings from animals is that we have rational thought and can make choices, whereas animals follow their instincts. It is SO cavemen to be like ‘that seagull’s annoying me – KILL’ without ANY other thought in the process, like for example, asking your CONSCIENCE and debating whether it is MORALLY RIGHT. If we didn’t care about morals, there would be no prisons for prisoners because no one would give a shit about rapists and general wrong doers and the world would be a mess. But I thought we were BETTER than that people! I thought we had BRAINS. Trying to exterminate a huge portion of an entire species isn’t CLEVER. And it also won’t solve the problem.

So my friend was all like; ‘This guy is RIGHT. Seagulls are flying RATS spreading disease. They make the streets dirty and they are everywhere. There are loads of them. They have the potential to ATTACK A SMALL CHILD.’ (Yes. He actually used that last point in evidence of his case. I have NEVER heard of a seagull attacking a small child. Even if one did, it would be a one off case. They’re not CANNIBALS. They’re not EVIL. I’m just saying, dude.)

So let me tell you my rational theory on the whole thing. Yeah, I agree, seagulls are annoying. Yes, they are dirty and spread diseases, but you could say that about ANY BIRD. Birds are dirty like loads of other animals are. Get over it, they don’t live in houses and they don’t brush their teeth. They are ANIMALS. They live outside with the shit! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! ALL animals are dirty. WHY AREN’T YOU ATTACKING THE PIGEONS? IT’S RACIST. ATTACK ALL SPECIES IF DIRTINESS IS YOUR CONCERN. Secondly, yes, they’re everywhere. Why is this? Because our streets are filthy. The problem is that we are grubby and litter and drop food everywhere. An animal spots food, it’s going to go for it. And THAT my friends, is the REAL PROBLEM! If we weren’t littering and feeding them, they wouldn’t be around us all the time, pissing us off!! Instead of shouting THERE’S LOADS, THEY’RE GROSS, KILL THEM! We could try OTHER ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS FIRST before mindlessly jumping straight onto KILL! KILL! KILL! I can’t believe people are in agreement that Hitler was really evil killing a massive group that he didn’t like, and then being all FINE and about totally BULLYING the seagulls! WHAT ABOUT THE PIGEONS??? THEY ARE JUST AS ANNOYING. THEY’RE DIRTY AND EVERYWHERE TOO. SHALL WE KILL THEM ALL AS WELL?!

Where does it STOP people? WHERE? Please tell me as there are no longer CLEAR BOUNDARIES as to what’s right and what’s wrong. 

My friend’s response to my suggesting the petition be changed to a ‘Clean up Worcester’ act that would probably not only stop seagulls but other birdies and rodents lurking around was received with a furious response claiming that ‘A clean up litter act would mean policemen 24/7 and cost far too much money! I say the ONLY WAY IS TO KILL THEM’.

How do we know that something is the ONLY WAY if we don’t explore other, (less stupid) options? It all reminds me of George Bush saying ‘I see no other option than to go to war’. It wouldn’t cost loads of money at all. My friend has just moved to Singapore and they have really strict rules and laws about littering. He tells me the streets look beautiful, it’s so clean and hygienic, no rodent problems, no worrying about children playing. How did Singapore do it? Just passed a law. All you need to do to create a law is to get enough people to sign a petition. 

Ok, so this is all my opinion. What’s the difference between my petition idea and his opposing one? Mine solves TWO problems, litter and seagulls, and there is no KILLING involved. 


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  1. Alright, so this is the first and best blog post I've read :D I have to add, that when I was in England, the best thing about the cities were the seagulls :) I loved them! And those days have been the best days of my life so far :D Now I'mma go and check your videos :)
    Have a nice day!

    Someone from Hungary :)


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