Sunday, 24 July 2011

Why I will never ever EVER give a penny to the RSPCA, despite being an animal loving vegan.

Ok, So. The other day I was walking home from work and it was late, like 10pm ish and it was all dark and wintery looking because it was raining like a bish.  And I had my ipod in and was just hopping along to Busted or whatever I was listening to when I had to stop. Because I saw this teeny tiny baby little seagull. It was SO young it didn’t have any feathers it had sort of grey cotton wool fluff instead, and that was patchy. It was shivering and squawking for its mummykins.

I stopped and stared at it for a bit because honestly, it looked like a really sad cartoon character, like when Puss N Boots does that little whimpery face and you think you’re going to melt.  It obviously couldn’t fly, else it would have just flew off, so I assumed it either couldn’t fly at the moment, chicken run style, or it was injured and that’s why it couldn’t fly. I told myself that its mummy would come and get him and he’d be fine and I went home, still worrying about it being out there alone and cold and crying. 

The next day I get up and walk to work again and this seagulls still there.  And it’s really panicking now because it’s Saturday and Saturday in town is really busy. There are kids and people walking dogs and it is FREAKING OUT and keeps running into the nearby shops and the shop keepers keep chucking him back out again. My boyfriend works in one of these shops and I go and and get upset about it and the shop owner is saying: ‘’We should just shoot it! It’s vermin!’’.

I can totally understand why people hate seagulls because they ARE really annoying. They piss me off at night when I’m trying to sleep and I can hear them yapping and they piss me off in the day when they fly at you in town.  I am CONSTANTLY afraid one is going to shit on my head and I don’t like not being able to eat fish and chips/any yummy food in town without expecting to be attacked and pestered.

HOWEVER. I think toddlers are really annoying as well. I think they are also loud and dirty and pester you. But you wouldn’t leave one out in the cold and rain in the street hurt would you?

By the third day the shopkeepers were calling the RSPCA to get rid of him and I think they were actually coming round to the fact that he wasn’t just an irritating seagull but a hurt lost scared baby. I was bringing it food (cornflakes, nuts and raisins… I had no idea what to bring him but I wanted him to be healthy and vegan like me).The guy I spoke to was on the line for about an hour, being switched over to loads of different people who made him ring about a billion different numbers. In the end the RSPCA said ‘’Look, there’s nothing we can do, we don’t help seagulls’’.


I’m SORRY but if you rang the NSPCC about a hurt lost child they would not say ‘’What kind of a child is it? A black one? No sorry, we don’t help black ones’’. What’s the difference between that and what the RSPCA did. How can they CHOOSE which animals they will and won’t help? ‘’Oh no I won’t help the seagull, it’s not cute and fluffy enough.’’ It really made me feel disgusted with them.

People donate money to the RSPCA. What for? I saw an animal in need, they didn’t help. After 4 days of the seagull crying, someone from the council caught it in a big net. They weren’t trained with animals. You can’t touch birds because their mother and other birds will smell human on them and abandon them, so there’s not much you can do unless you’re a trained animal specialist. My boyfriend reckons they shot the seagull, which I named Billy, by the way.

To conclude the story, you shouldn’t hold  prejudices about animals as much as you shouldn’t about humans. For instance, if all Jews were rich and great with money, all the golddiggers would leave playboy and marry them. You see? Not all seagulls are bad. Billy was a little angel. The moral of the story, I suppose, is don’t give any money to the RSPCA because they are racists.


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