Sunday, 24 July 2011

Something for the weekend :)

Awwww. I got told about something really sweet today. It’s about my favorite thing, Recycling. Apparently there’s this cool new thing you can do now called Garden Recycling. You know how some people just don’t have gardens (like me) but very much want to be an avid gardener (like me)? Well now, instead of having to wait twenty billion years for an allotment, they can just BORROW SOMEONE ELSE’S GARDEN.

That’s right. Because there are also those people who DO have gardens but don’t have time to garden them, like people with loads of kids or hectic social lives, or people who just plain don’t like gardening.

Anyway, the person whose garden it is gets a FREE gardener (and maybe a new best friend). The person who needs a garden GETS ONE (oohh err!)

Well I think the whole thing sounds SPLENDID.  I’m really, really pleased about it all. So if you want to sign up, I’ve put a tasty little link in the side for you.

Isn’t that nice?


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