Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Natural Hair Dye. BOOM.

Hair dye. Do you know how much of the population dye their hair? No? I don’t either. But I know it’s a LOT. Walking down the street it’s a rare sight to see a woman with a natural hair colour. And I’m not leaving men out of this article either. Even Pierce Brosnans’ doing it (although actually, I’d say he seriously needs to.) Anyway. The point is; it’s so ridiculously common to dye your hair these days, people just poo poo the risks. If everyone is doing it, it can’t be that bad right? Errr, wrong. Everybody thought that about smoking and now look at them. Sitting in the wrong box down the wrong street being  all wrong.

Although when searching  the internet scientists are umming and ahhhing as to whether hair dye really is a huge cancer risk or a health risk in general I’m just gonna put my opinion on the table and see what you think.

First of all, and I’m writing this with my Beauty Therapy NVQ in the back of my mind, I want to point out that whatever you slap on your skin goes into your body, into your bloodstream and has an effect. So I’m going to write a little list of all the chemicals that are in hair-dyes and you can tell me if you want this shit swirling round your bloodstream. Have you ever wondered why pregnant women are advised to stop dying their hair? Just like the smoking again, they don’t want those chemicals poisoning their baby. So why let them poison you?

Ok, so. Here it is:

Resorcinol. 8 out of 10 hazard rating. Classified harmful, irritant and DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. (I’m sorry for shouting but you know how I feel about the environment.) On tests on rats it disrupted their hormonal functioning and caused thyroid deficiency. Do you know what can make babies have autism?  Hypothyroidsim while in the womb. Yes. There’s a study on it by Roman (2007) and a further study by Duren et al (2004) where many women lost their babies by taking this chemical, Resorcionol by the mouth. It’s also a skin sensitizer. Don’t have dandruff? You might after using this.

Ammonia. Wow. For a start I read a book on a woman who used to abuse her child by making him breath ammonia. Why? Because it stops you breathing! And as my friend Rachael pointed out, it does that when you’re dying your hair. That’s the stinky smell! It’s another irritant (why are we putting irritants on our skin?? Why is it allowed in these products? What is wrong with the world?)On top of that, it can cause asthma. Nice.

Persulfates. The concentration of persulfates in hair-dyes are up to 60% You only need 17.5% to harm your skin. Need I go on? Ok fine I will. It also damages your lungs. BAD.

Hydrogen Peroxide. This had been banned in Japan and restricted in Canada.  It has a toxic effect on the nervous system, digestive system and respiratory system and that’s at low doses. It also damages DNA, possibly leading to cancer.
Lead Acetate. Everyone knows that lead is bad for you. It can damage your brain. There are no words for how stupid it is that we slap this on our heads.

And finally:  4-ABP. This is linked to the development of cancer.

Overall, when L’Oreal tell you that you’re worth it, you should say: ‘Worth cancer? Oh thank you. Thank you for grabbing all my money whilst simultaneously giving me lead poisoning, lung poisoning and dandruff.’

Ok, ok so I know I’m being all ragey and people who know me will tell me to shut up because I dye my hair. They’re right, I do. But I use NATURAL hair-dye. Probably still got a load of crap in I’m sure, but no ammonia or bleach or lead and slightly less bad for me until I can go back to my true mousey blonde roots. I’ll post you links for natural hair-dye sites on the side. And I will also remind you that as well as damaging yourself using hair dye, you also upset the aquatic life when that rubbish goes down the drain pipe. What’s the point of using Ecover if you’re gonna bleach those fishies anyway with your hair dye. Think about it because I bet you look great with your natural colour, and don’t have to deal with no roots. BOOM. Rant over!

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