Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here’s a whole bunch of stuff I do every day, without even thinking about it, and it helps the environment .

·      I wash all my clothes at 30 degrees.  It doesn’t make one single bit of difference to your clothes. It makes a massive difference to the environment. Oh, and your electric bill. I do give you permission to wash bedding and towels on a higher heat though, to kill off germies. No higher than 50 though!

·        Turn my shower down. Similar to the first point I know! This one also helps with your bills. If you want to start taking cooler showers (which is better for your skin and hair, also) do it sloooowwlllyyy so you’ll get used to it, i.e turn it down one notch a week. My shower heat level goes up to ten and I shower at 1! I’m so proud! Taking shorter showers is good too. No more than fifteen minutes! If you’re having a massive scrub, have a bath. Then water your plants with your bath water. (This is what my Dad does. He works in a plant nursery so he knows!) Recycle that water!

·        Not using spray cans. Well, hardly. I admit I do use hairspray occasionally. But perfume? No. Did you know Beyonce has her own perfume range, but she never uses perfume? She just puts essential oils on her skin (which is what I do.) She knows that spraying a load of chemicals onto your skin isn’t good for you, or for anything. If you wanna use perfume sprays because you’re smelly or you wanna smell sooo good for the ladies and gents, go to The Body Shop and use their natural sprays! They smell so good! I’m addicted! Don’t use sprays for making your house smell good either. Get a scented candle!

·        Turn all your plugs off, allllll the timmme! I started doing this when I lived in a flat where you pay for the electricity as you go. Because I wanted to spend my money on other things (like partying and drinking) I turned everything off until I had to use it (like the kettle) then turned it straight back off again. Saved me a FORTUNE.
   Not using bleach. Once a month I will bleach my sink and my toilet. The rest of the time, I use Ecover or any other natural cleaner. 

·        Eating Vegetarian. I’m not really sure how it works (But I am going to research this and do an article about it.) But I read somewhere that if every person in the world ate vegetarian just ONE day a week, it would solve the global warming problem. Pasta one night? Pizza with no meat? Risotto? It’s not hard.

·      Lighting candles at nighttime, instead of having lights on. This is my favorite tip. Candles just make everyone feel so HAPPY. And very romantic, too. Just don’t burn your house down, cus that would be really stupid.

·        I’ve whacked a link on the side for 21 tips to help the environment. That is, if my tips aren’t good enough for you bitches. I'm not jealous that you're reading their tips at all.

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