Sunday, 5 June 2011

Health Effects of Wearing Deodorant

Ok, so my first article is on deodorant and antiperspirants. It irritates me greatly that basically everyone gets up in the morning and covers themselves in this stuff without really knowing what it’s made of and what it does. Let me tell you. Deodorant allows your body to sweat but prevents odor with antiseptic agents, which kill the odor –causing bacteria. It basically covers up your sweat with a nice smell.  Antiperspirants actually stop you sweating by blocking your pores to prevent the sweat exiting the body. Your armpits cannot sweat, so no wet armpits, no smells. 

Before I even go on, does that sound right to you? STOPPING your armpits from sweating? That’s basically the whole point of having armpits, to sweat, and it is a common everyday ritual to BLOCK your pores and prevent that? Think about it. If your body needs to sweat and you’re not letting it come out of your armpits, the stuff is just gonna pour out elsewhere. Like from your stinking feet or down your back. Or even your upper lip. Nice.
Now, don’t dismiss this instantly, thinking I’m some hippie weirdo who doesn’t wear deodorant. Just hear me out.

There has been a LOT of research done by scientists who, like me, are worried about the health effects of deodorant. It has been proposed that the chemical ingredients contained in the deodorant are linked to breast cancer, and obviously, they are applied right next to the breast. Although evidence of this is not 100% conclusive, the worry is focused upon aluminum-based compounds used in deodorant having a hormonal effect and having the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells. Other focus is placed on the parabens, which are preservatives used in deodorant. Parabens have been shown to mimic the activity of estrogen in the body’s cells. A study in 2004 found that parabens were discovered in 18 out of 20 breast tumours.

The results of studies are conflicting and the scientists are still working on it. But in the meantime, if you are worried about getting cancer, or simply want to be nicer to the environment then I have some options for you to tr,y and don’t worry, I promise I won’t give you B.O.

·        1.    Choose roll on over spray on.  Why? It’s better for the environment. You’re not spraying that chemical crap into the air. 

       2.   Make sure you wash off your deodorant when you go to bed. Everyone gets up and puts it on in the morning, ready for the day. But do you need to wear it to bed? No. Let your armpits breath, give them a wash before bed and give yourself a good 8 hours (if you’re getting your beauty sleep!) of chemical – free pits. Yummm.

·        3. Use a deodorant alternative. I am ALLOVER crystal deodorant. Found at what I like to call ‘Hippie stores’ (stores that sell vitamin pills and vegan food) but also sold at Boots and some supermarkets. Crystal deodorant is EXTREMELY ecological and is completely free of all chemicals. It’s made of natural minerals from the ground, you simply wet it and rub it on your pits. I swear to you, you will not smell. Mine has lasted me two years so far and is still going strong, pretty good considering I paid around £3.00 for it! If you are REALLY worried about having B.O and don’t trust my magical crystal deo, why not try just wearing crystal deodorant on your days off work, or when you’re not working up a sweat. Then at least you’re having a day or two a week free from chemicals. Your cancer-free armpits will thank you, I’m sure.


  1. This post screams "fire in the gut". It is passionate and full of belief in ones opinion. You seem to have toned down in your newer posts. I am asking myself if you really wrote this one. The energy and conviction, the life that is in this post is awesome. If you wrote this find yourself again. That fire is within you. But what do I know.. I am just a reader.

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