Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Oh my God, Ecover. Possibly the best product invented. Now, my argument is this. You know you can go into the supermarket and buy all your household shiz. And you stand there looking at the washing up liquids and there are about fifty different ones you can choose. You can get smelly ones; cool looking ones, fancy expensive ones, eco-friendly ones and cheap ones. You know the government is all like ‘’I care about global warming and so should you, so recycle everything bitches!’ Well if they care so much, why don’t they just make it the LAW that all products are eco-friendly? They could do that, and for every product, there’s an eco- friendly version. People have the choice to choose environmentally friendly products but then they also have other choice (cheap stuff – more money spent on clothes!) and people don’t buy it. WELL YOU SHOULD.

Ecover absolutely rocks my socks. I started using their clothes detergent because I was allergic to all the others. It is AMAZING. It lasts a zillion years, it has half the crap all the other products have in and it’s great for the environment. It’s reasonably priced and you can buy giant bottles. 

Ecover also do basically every other household product. Eco friendly shower cleaner, eco friendly surface cleaner, eco friendly washing up liquid. Yes, yes YES it totally rocks!! Go buy eco friendly products people! Your conscience will feel at ease.


(I think you all know!)


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