Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Big Companies Love Hiding Random Animal Bits and Ingredients in our Food.

I decided to go vegan for a while. I still try and almost everything I eat is Vegan, although admittedly I still love eating mayonnaise (which has egg in it) Also, when I go round my boyfriend’s Mum’s house for tea, I completely throw it out the window. WHAT?! Don't look at me like that, she cooks me tasty Chinese ribs and stuff! But no, honestly, the rest of the time, strict vegan. No meat, no dairy, no egg (ahem *coughmayonnaisecough*) lots of herbal teas and salad, I feel like I’m very, very good.

BUT OH NO I’M NOT. Because even when I’m totally strict and I DON’T go round my boyfriend’s Mum’s house and I DON’T eat mayonnaise, I’m still not a proper Vegan/Vegetarian. Because food manufacturers, for reasons I simply cannot fathom, love playing this game where they sneakily hide meat and other ingredients in the most random and STUPID of food items. Here’s a few that will surprise you and probably make you feel quite sick.

1.)Sugar. Yeahhhhh I said it, Sugar. Sugar has animal in it. And not something sort of normal like, oh a bit of meat or fat or something. Oh no. It has Animal Bone Char in it. This makes me feel so queasy it is unreal. My boyfriend (who does all the cooking) is going to have to stop seasoning our quorn mince spag bol with sugar now.Because I keep picturing a knife scraping at some leg bone and the dust falling into my sugar pot. Oh God, I’m going to be sick.

2.)Soy yoghurts and cheeses. This one GREATLY annoys me. I’m allergic to dairy. So I try and eat soy alternatives? Oh no. They’ve decided to put Casein in them. Which is made from cow’s milk. They’ve put DAIRY in the DAIRY FREE ALTERNATIVES. WHY???!!

3.) Beer. The stuff they hide in this one is ridiculous. It could contain dried blood powder! Also another contender for the Casein. As if that wasn’t enough, it can have gelatin, honey and isinglass. I’m not too sure what isinglass is… but I know it comes from fish bladder. Now why is that in beer?

4.) Fruit Juice. Contains Shellac which is some stuff secreted from a female lac bug. Wtf?! Also Carmine which is ground up red beetles. They also love to throw wool wax/grease into it. The wool thing is just for fun, I reckon.

I read somewhere that Tap Water has animal bits in it too. But that was just too scary and ridiculous for me to actually research and see if it’s correct. Who knows though? Dairy in Dairy Free Alternatives? I think I’m just gonna give this all up and go round my boyfriend’s Mum’s house…


  1. Is so wierd to read " my boyfriend", cause even when we all know you both had your previously relantionships you never actually imagine those moments in your head when you loved someone who wasnt Rose haha.

    So glad you and Rose found each other!

    PS: loved the post it! i couldn't be vegan :( i just love my meat!

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  2. Well I've been planning on going vegan for a while now and this is disheartening to say the least. What is wrong with our world??


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