Sunday, 10 January 2016

Our Christmas!

Hi guys! Wow, after this crazy Christmas period and Vlogmas, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog posts as much as I’d like.

I just wanted to have a big chat with you all really - tell you about our christmas, update you on things that have been going on with us! So if you’re ready for a seriously conversational style blog post, read on!

Well, I can officially say that this Christmas was the best Christmas I’ve ever had in my life. Rose and I spent Christmas day alone, together, just us and our pets. Bliss. We took Wilma on a massive dog walk and the weather was gorgeous - totally chilly, mildly windy and extremely blindingly bright. We walked around all our favourite places holding hands talking about nothing really. I was feeling really proud that we managed to get all 24 vlogmas videos up, the final 3 going up on Christmas Eve! But that was great, because after a solid December of vlogging, editing and uploading constantly, we could officially take a short YouTube break and not think about anything ‘work’ related. Instead, we could chat about our future, our goals and just all sorts of rubbish really.

We came home and while the dog and cat lazed around and dozed, we spent a few hours cooking together. A fun fact about being Vegan at Christmas is, you can actually eat the majority of what is on the meat eaters plates. I really love winter vegetables, and at Christmas they are done SO well. I love honey glazed parsnips, I love potatoes in all forms, I love peas, broccoli,sprouts, carrots, beetroot, red cabbage, everything! I had my own nut roast, stuffing and gravy. Rose’s Mum had suggested we put fresh orange juice in our gravy, so we tried it and - WOW. Mind = BLOWN! The food truly was delicious and we rented some films on amazon and cuddled up with the pets and watched them on the sofa. Oh - and I made LOADS of vegan baileys with a new recipe involving vegan ice cream and I practically drank it by the gallon! Delicious!

A couple of weeks before Christmas I’d visited my Mum and family and that was lovely too. A long while ago I showed my Mum the youtuber Niomi Smart and my Mum is now addicted! My family are trying to eat less meat (my positive influence) and I bought them a nutri bullet as one of their Xmas prezzies. It’s great because my Mum has soya and almond milk lying around the house and knows how to make vegan pancakes, so it was easy staying over and relaxing. I love hanging out with my younger sister, I always sleep in her room with her and stay up late chatting. I miss her a lot, I hate not living close to her, but it makes our time together extra special when we spend it together. At Mum’s we’d watched one of my favourite films About Time together and generally enjoyed lazying around while Mum brought me cups of tea. I also enjoyed spending a lot of time with my family cat Minnie, because she’s really really old and isn’t going to stay in this world for much longer. She’s the first cat I can remember owning and she’s literally about 20 years old, and the best natured cat you’ll ever meet. As soon as you walk into a room she’s waiting for you to invite her for a cuddle and a stroke. 

After Christmas Rose’s sister Laura came over on Boxing Day and we’d laid out a spread of nibbles like we did in this Vlogmas video, and exchanged prezzies. The next day we all drove over to Rose’s Mums house, which took a while but the car journey was fun! Rose’s Mum made Christmas amazing for me - she’d cooked soon many delicious Vegan recipes and bought Vegan treats for me! We all have an ongoing joke about Rose’s Mum that she’s a ‘feeder’. She cannot go one minute without offering us food! After lunch, she’ll bring out coffee, cake, biscuits, nibbles. After nibbles, she offers chocolates, crisps. Then before you know it, it’s time for another meal! 

Another highlight over Christmas was visiting mine and Rose’s friends Tom and Lauren, and their gorgeous children. Giving presents to actual children is such an amazing feeling because they react totally honestly - and seeing them playing with and using the gifts we gave made my heart proud! A frozen themed scooter went down a treat! Rose and I took tons of videos and photos of us playing with the kids, cuddling the baby and singing frozen songs!

Now Christmas is over, we’re hitting up the new years resolutions hard! But I’ll save that for another blog post. My apologies if I’ve rambled, but the last year was so perfect, with Rose and I getting married, moving to London, flying to Norway to film an episode of a TV Show and started to do episodes on BBC Radio 1! It’s really been a banger of year, and this Christmas truly was the cherry on the top.

I have more blog posts to come! So if you enjoy my chatty, diary style posts, let me know in the comments below! If you have any requests of anything you would like me to blog about, tell me! And the same goes for my YouTube channel! It’s you guys who read the blogs and watch the vids, so feel free to tell me what you’d like to see more of!


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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Beautiful, Festive Jewellery

Hey guys! 

So I’ve been seriously excited to write this post for the longest time! As you probably all know by now I LOVE Christmas!! I love buying gifts, dressing up for the Christmas parties, drinking the mulled wine and the (vegan) baileys. I love decorating my tree, I love the twinkly lights and I LOVE the abundance of sparkles at this time of year!!

Being an absolute girlie girl, my number one thing I shop for at this time of year is obviously clothes. Mainly pretty tops, skirts and dresses. But this is also he time of year where I get to go WILD over accessories!!! Whereas in the summer I feel too hot and flustered for jewellery, and normal just put on a pretty necklace or studs, Autumn and Winter is the time where I like to dress up all my outfits, and it’s all. about. the accessories! Hats, scarves, headbands, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, even brooches! I want sparkles, I want attention to detail, I want compliments on my pretty things! I like to buy myself accessories, I like to give others accessories. In a season where lots of people layer up and stick to black, I truly think that these tiny little add-ons make an outfit. 

This year I decided to treat myself, and picked out some beautiful Christmas pieces from Lvndr. I went for some matching sets, so I got the Cupids stud earrings and matching Cupids necklace, which are my current faves and you will probably catch me wearing a lot in photos on my Instagram, and lots of you guys commented on my necklace when I wore it live on YouNow.

Next, I got the Luxe Reindeer Studs with matching Luxe Reindeer Ring! I went mad with the reindeer theme actually, and also picked out the Luxe Antler Ring, which I LOVE!

I love the Reindeer and Antler rings so much because they have a mixture of silver and gold, which is great because I already wear a gold wedding band, so I like that I can wear something silver but the gold on it picks up the gold of my band.

I also treated myself to this gorgeous daisy bralet! Which is more summery, but I just really really liked it. I’m a big fan of underwear, I really think that if you put on beautiful underwear, it sets up the whole day right! If you have on gorgeous undergarments, you won’t want to ruin the greatness by putting on old, baggy clothes! Sometimes, when editing all day at home it’s tempting to put on jogging bottoms and just chill. But I find if I wake up, shower and put on something beautiful, like the daisy bralet, I then dress better, and feel better. I’ve also recently noticed that, the more well dressed I feel, the harder I work! Which is a weird psychological thing, but hey! If that’s what makes me work, that’s what makes me work!

I love Lvndr and actually blogged about them earlier this year, and you can read that blog here.

So the good news is I have a discount code for you all! You can get yourself 10% off using the code ROSIE10 :) So go ahead, spoil yourself like I did!


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Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Perfect Christmas #VerySpecialSomething

Hey Guys!

So I’ve never been more excited for Christmas than I have for this year. It’s my first Christmas being married, in our new home, with our cat and our dog. Although some of the magic was left back in my childhood, a new kind of magic has filled the void, and that is the gift of giving.

I really feel like I’m quite talented at getting people the perfect gifts. I have an excellent ability to remember small snippets of conversations when people reveal hobbies you never knew they had a passion for, or some nostalgic titbit of information that could totally be used online when gift shopping later. On a dog walk recently, Rose and I were discussing how much of a huge pleasure it is to know that you’ve got someone the PERFECT gift. This is also Rose’s first year as a Godmother to a baby, so the excitement to get tiny tiny cuddly gifts is unreal!

I also completely understand that although some people love giving, they don’t always have the pennies. I distinctly remember one year I was afraid I had no money to even get myself a tree for my lonely flat. My friend Becky worked for Very at the time, and recommended me to sign up with an account. This meant that I could buy my Christmas tree and decorations, and even my family gifts, and if I chose to, I could buy now, pay back later. Which is exactly what I did. I felt so relieved that I was able to buy my family the gifts they deserved without getting into humongous debt! I’ve been using Very ever since, and ALWAYS turn to it at Christmas. 

I don’t always use the Buy Now Pay Later, I normally just buy outright, but if I’m feeling outrageous I use it for bigger items, like a television or furniture. 

Because I spend hours on Very browsing the different sections, I thought I’d put together a list of gifts that I think are perfect to give this christmas.

For Mum:

I usually get my Mum one of the following; Heels, Handbags, Jewellery and/or perfume. I just want her to feel spoiled and special. I don’t bother with skincare because I find that, unless someone is hinting for you to get them a new product they want to try, they usually know their own skin inside and out and have their routine down. My Mum works in an office, so as long as I don’t buy something ridiculously over the top and dressy, I know my Mum can kick start the new year walking into work feeling like a million dollars. The best part is when she rings me up and tells me how many people complimented her on her new bag/necklace/shoes/perfume. 
Feel good moment for the win.

This carvella holly tote bag is perfect for work. What I love about Very is the price range, all their clothes and bags look smart and classy, but the prices vary for extremely good value for money and then go higher. I think this is great, because it means there is something for everyone, and if you have a bit more put aside this year, you could splash out on something designer for Mum. 

This feather envelope clutch goes against what I said about being too dressy, but it’s perfect for Mum to take out for an evening meal, date night or special occasion.

For A Brother:

I always find boys quite tricky to buy for, which is why I like that Very has sections that suggest “gifts for him”. My brother may be older than me, but he sure doesn’t act like it, which is why I love this shot roulette drinking game. And only £8! I love that he can get some use out of it, perhaps on Christmas day itself, but if that’s too much of a ‘family’ occasion, there’s always New Years Eve….

For a more sentimental gift, if your brother is younger, or not too into partying, this is a serious contender. I hope my Brother doesn’t read this, because it’s going to end up in his stocking. What I love about this gift is that you give it on the day, but it lasts a life time. The Name A Star gift - original and sincere. 

For A Sister:

My sister is only 12 and would absolutely adore this Traditional Sweet ShopIt’s a great stocking filler and I think if you teamed it alongside something non edible then you’ve hit all the right spots! For my sister I would team it with these remote controlled candles which means she can chill out in her room with a festive vibe - but they’re totally safe and she won’t burn the house down!

For an older sister, I’m obsessed with this cocktail kit! During my last years of Uni, and then when I moved into a bigger house, I wanted to have a cool bar for entertaining guests. It’s a perfect starter kit, and like I said before, New Years Eve is right around the corner…

For Dad:

I might get my Dad this Top Chef apronHe loves cooking and I would probably team it with other kitchen utensils, or this Food and Wine Chest .What I like about the apron is it can be whipped out in the summer during BBQ season and it is actually really practical with the pockets. The food and wine chest is a steal for £35! 

For A Baby:

How freakin adorbsies are these Christmas Baby Bibs?!  And at £5.25, what a bargain! For me, it’s the tiny touches that make up Christmas, and how cute will it be to look over at baby during the Xmas dinner to his/her cute smiley face with this festive bib!!!

I’d also get baby this Magic Box, so you can imprint their feet and keep them forever. Christmas Toes! How adorable!

So guys, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift advice! Hopefully it will help you find someone that #VerySpecialSomething

Don’t forget to leave a comment!

This post was sponsored, but as always, my opinions are always 100% honest and sincere. 

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why I'm Sick Of Other Women Calling Me Out

Today is Halloween and I woke up in an excellent mood. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and Rose and I took Wilma on a lovely dog walk, where she paddled in puddles and we held hands and kicked up colourful leaves. I had a massive chat with my bestie Anna and Rose had a long convo with her sister. We’ve been making plans for Christmas. I listened to Hotline Bling while I showered, I put on a new outfit, then I listened to Christmas songs while I went through my emails. 

Then I went on Instagram to check out the photo I put up ridiculously early this morning, because Rose and I had stayed up into the early hours watching an amazing film ‘Adult World’ with Emma Roberts and John Cusack. I scrolled through my comments and, although I have deleted them now, I had at least ten from people asking me/TELLING me that the picture of myself was photoshopped.

This isn’t the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve talked about it on Twitter and I’ve written back to countless people in my comments. I get people ignoring what I’m saying because they think I’ve ‘gone off on one’ or I get responses telling me to ‘chill’ or ‘calm down babe’. What is it with this generation ‘chill’? I’ve never told anyone to ‘chill out’ in my entire life, because a.) This isn’t the seventies man, and b.) It’s fucking rude. 

I’m sick of my feelings being ignored, and I’m sick of having my body closely examined and analysed when I post a photo up on Insta. I’m tired of having to defend myself to total strangers and I’m exhausted with people then telling me to ‘chill’.

Here’s how it always goes, and how it has gone before: I post a photo of, say, my face in the morning with no make up on, or a selfie, or a photo with some or maybe all of my body in it. People post comments. Then I get several comments saying (and these are REAL life examples) “Your armpit looks weird. So obviously photoshopped” or “I don’t believe your face really looks like that. It looks really blurry and strange. Photoshopped.” The latest of the many comments was; “Your arms look really short. Are you sure this isn’t photoshopped?” I write back to tell them no, I literally just took a photo then uploaded it. I get annoyed at the negativity on my social media and then I end up deleting all the comments. 

Seeing as the TRUTH is, no, I haven’t photoshopped my face/armpit??????/arms I’m then left like… ok… DOES my armpit look ‘weird’?? ARE my arms too short? And why would I photoshop my arms to be shorter ANYWAY?

Ladies, I can understand you being suspicious. We’re born into a world of false ideals. We all do it, I see a photo of a gorgeous, slim, toned model in an advert and I want to look like that. The reality may be that I couldn’t ever look like that, because the photo has been manipulated. It’s a lie. I understand that most if not all mainstream media is the same. I understand that there are models on Instagram whose very job is looking perfect, and that they spend hours editing their photos before they are uploaded. And I’m not even saying there is anything WRONG with that. I love looking at pretty photos on Insta, who doesn’t! 

But guess what. I don’t give a shit about my photos, and I usually spend about half a second putting a filter on. Also, if I take what I think is a ‘good’ photo, I get weirdly attached to the original and feel like it is a ‘lie’ if I change the ‘true’ colours too much (I do this with my Autumn leaves/nature photos especially) therefore, I normally apply a filter, then turn it down to 50% or under, just so I feel like I haven’t ‘ruined’ it with a heavy filter. Guess what again, I shouldn’t even be writing a huge blog post to JUSTIFY myself to people. But the reality is, I just don’t CARE enough about my body to look at one tiny photograph, worry about certain features of my body and then spend the time actually CHANGING them THEN uploading it. No, I have no time or patience to do that. 

Do you know what I DO care about? Being credible. Being a REAL person. Being careful about what I put out when I have some followers who are 12 years old or younger. Come on guys, I do my best, and so does Rose, every day to make the best decisions. We’ve turned down huge brands, and I’m talking money that could help us put a nice deposit down on a house, because we won’t support/advertise anything that isn’t in keeping with our own morality. We turn down so many paid ads on our channel because we care about the messages we’re sending out to our audience. 

I care more about having a reputation for being a funny person than a person with a ‘good’ body. Guys, I’M HUMAN. I’m like everyone else! I have days where I love my body, days where I hate it and days in between. Pretty normal stuff. I also have days where I eat junk food and days where I eat healthy. BALANCE. I like to think I have it, sort of. But when I post a photo and people start saying my face/armpits/arms look weird, strange and photoshopped, that really makes me worry. And I shouldn’t be in a position where I upload a photo and women are criticising my body and telling me I’m lying to people when I’m NOT!

More and more people are watching mine and Rose’s YouTube videos and our audience is growing every day. I never asked to be a role model and I’m certainly not saying I am one. But if people come to our channel and learn one thing, I want it to be that Rose and I are two normal people in love. Our love is normal, our relationship is normal and it’s also completely obtainable. Anyone could meet someone and have a fun, special, magical, normal relationship, just like we do. 

After reading this blog post, I want people to realise that my body is normal, my face is normal, my armpits are normal and I’m pretty sure my arms are at a totally acceptable length. I don’t worry about my body enough to change it and then put it out to you guys. I do have body worries though, like any normal person. I have good days. I have bad days. I never really worry about my armpits though. I want you to realise that, in a world where people do manipulate, through photos and words, and where people do put the superficial; like looking good and money, over the real, we have to do our best to stay true to ourselves. I want to be in a world where women build each other up. Support each other. Stay true to themselves. Don’t you guys remember that I am the same girl that told you about how I have alopecia? Do you guys think that was easy? You know I could have gotten away with not telling you. I just wanted to be HONEST with you all. To show you that I have problems too, that I’m not perfect. In conjunction with this blog post, I’m halfway through writing one about my own anxiety, how bad it can be sometimes. If you think that I am just painting a false picture of how I am perfect and so is my world, you are wrong. 

To summarise my probably unnecessarily long rant, I’d like to say this; if you are about to write on Instagram that someone’s arms look weird, or any part of them look weird, and that the photo must be photoshopped, why don’t you stop and think, would you say something like that to someone’s face? Do you realise how rude that is? When did it become ok to write rude things on people’s pictures? I got brought up in the era of Myspace not Insta, but no one EVER wrote nasty comments on people’s photos then. Why should it happen now? When did this world get so nasty? I read an amazing quote the other day: “Confident Women Don’t Hate”. I love women, I think they’re gorgeous. If I see a beautiful photo of someone, I’m going to tell them how great they look. Even if their arms look too short.    
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Sunday, 25 October 2015

#OOTD - Sparkles, Simpsons and Fluffy Accessories!

Hey Guys! 

So as I'm sure you are all aware, I have a fondness for all things pink, fluffy and sparkly. Basically, anything that's shiny, and I'm sold. So when Skinny Dip London contacted me asking if they could send me some items from their shop, I checked out their website and died. Twice. I literally went to heaven and stayed there for a while. I'm there right now, actually. Because their shop is literally my birthday wishes, Christmas presents and wildest dreams come true. 

Firstly they sent Rose and I a phone case each, and I chose the aptly named Barbie Case and Rose chose the Lollipop case. They also sent me this gorgeous orange and blue fluffy Lara bag, which we've been taking in turns to wear around London. 

 As if this wasn't enough perfection for one person to handle Skinny Dip then collaborated with The Simpsons and created a brand new range filled with Krusty The Clown. I had already signed up to Skinny Dip's email notifications as soon as I found the shop, and I found out that Miley Cyrus has the Unicorn Tears version of the Krusty Bag I'm holding below, and also owns a few Skinny Dip Phone Cases! I really like Miley, I went off her a little bit but when I found out how she has become vegan and loves animals and is outspoken about animal rights I fell back in love with her. Her style is similar to mine, but how can I put this.... slightly more extreme? But it made me feel pretty cool to know that one of my fave shops is also a Miley fave. Awesome.

So after much deliberation, I switched my Barbie case over to the Krusty case. It made me really appreciate his character more! When Rose and I went to L.A we visited the Universal Studios and The Simpsons ride was one of my faves! They had a whole Simpsons world there and I loved being immersed in it. It really made me relive my childhood. Which is something I could spend all day doing. I think I have Peter Pan syndrome!

Finally I got sent this gorgeous Krusty bag, which became my favourite over the blue and orange fluffy Lara bag. I like that the Krusty Backpack is see-through. I buy cute purses and nice things and then no one ever sees them because they just get shoved in my bag. Now when I go out, people can see my candy flavoured chapsticks, my silver sparkly purse and my Hello Kitty hairbrush. Plus I never have to go rooting through my bag trying to find stuff! I can see that it's all there. Also, it helps keep the bag really clean. I'm taking this bag to a YouTube course thingy I'm going on tomorrow, and everyone will see my Hello Kitty lunchbox!!

 I photographed this mermaid Shell handbag and put it up on my insta, but I HAD to show you all again. This is the kind of thing I would wear to a New Years Eve party, or a special occasion. I think it's perfect to glam up a LBD with.

I think this store is amazing and perfect for if you want to send someone a unique gift. I paired my accessories with a blue top from New Look, a black skirt from H&M and some black New Look boots.

I hope you liked todays #OOTD! More blogs and outfit posts coming your way soon! 😘


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